Cannabis Education- Elevating Employees and the Industry

Cannabis Education Within the Industry With the changing nature of perception around cannabis, we’ve seen a drastic shift in what society sees as a “stoner”. From the old school “Cheech and Chong” model, we are … Read more

Corporate Cannabis: What Marlboro’s Investment in the Cannabis Industry Means.

Eric Gaston is no stranger to business or legislation so corporate giants like Marlboro don't scare him.

With giants like Marlboro and Corona positioning to enter the cannabis arena what does the future hold for the little guy? The news of big corporate companies like Marlboro and Coca-cola positioning themselves to enter … Read more

Review: Nebula Gardens – Rozay Sherbet

Rozay Sherbert from Nebula gardens is one of the great selections at our renton and auburn locations

Nebula Gardens – Rozay Sherbet Location: Ellensburg Grow Method: Coco Taste: Floral, bright, fresh Aroma: Grape, berry Mood: Amused, relaxed, spacey First impression “Am I gonna cough? I’m not gonna cough.” Was my first thought … Read more