We Made the 2019 Inc. 5000 List!

Our official seal for being #621 on the 2019 Inc. 5000 list

Evergreen Market is #621 on the 2019 Inc 5000 List! Spark that cannagar! We’ve had another success in our mission of normalization. Not only have we been named one of the fastest growing companies in … Read more

Review: Legendary Laboratories – False Teeth

Legendary Labs False Teeth is a delicious adventure

Legendary Laboratories – False Teeth Location: Spokane, WA Grow Method/Medium: Hydroponic Taste: Berry, Cobbler, Skunk Aroma: Crisp, Linen, Skunk Mood: Happy, Upbeat, Relaxed First Impression The sensory experience of False Teeth from Legendar Labs is … Read more

House of Cultivar on Sale this Week at Evergreen Market!

House of Cultivar on Sale at Evergreen Market! There’s a party in our weekly fire sales and House of Cultivar has just been invited. It’s a House of Cultivar sale, y’all! One of the industry’s … Read more

Review: Aurum Farms – Lemon G

Aurum Farms is perfect to take along on any adventure.

Aurum Farms – Lemon G Location: Lyman, WA Grow Method/Medium: Soil Taste: Light, Citrus, Diesel Aroma: Citrus, Chem, Pine Sol Mood: Giggly, Content, Social First Impression The smell on this bud from Aurum Farms was … Read more

Corporate Cannabis: What Marlboro’s Investment in the Cannabis Industry Means.

Eric Gaston is no stranger to business or legislation so corporate giants like Marlboro don't scare him.

With giants like Marlboro and Corona positioning to enter the cannabis arena what does the future hold for the little guy? The news of big corporate companies like Marlboro and Coca-cola positioning themselves to enter … Read more

Marijuana & Exercise: Trends, Science & Controversy

finding the right cannabis strain could be more important than finding the right shoes to pair with your exercise of choice.

Marijuana & Exercise Cannabis use may be stereotypically associated with a “couch potato”-style lethargic lifestyle, but in reality, there are plenty of marijuana fans out there who are highly fit, competitive, and active. As legal … Read more