Cannabis Education- Elevating Employees and the Industry

Cannabis Education Within the Industry

With the changing nature of perception around cannabis, we’ve seen a drastic shift in what society sees as a “stoner”. From the old school “Cheech and Chong” model, we are now fully aware of the scope of people and personalities that enjoy cannabis. A big part of that shift is the cannabis education that companies like the Evergreen Market hold in high esteem. No longer is the industry content to keep its secrets. We’ve learned that in order to normalize we have to open the flood gates of knowledge to everyone.

The Method

Cannabis education can be a bit of a struggle to access in a way that is both informative and accurate. Internet pages can be misleading and scientific facts aren’t always vetted. The Evergreen Market, however, strives to make accessing cannabis education easy. Through outreach events, active blogs, training programs, and more it has been a lot easier for South Sound cannabis enthusiasts and new consumers alike to ask questions and get real answers. Educator Wacheke helps a customer that may not be what people think when they think of a cannabis user.


The inclusion of the Educator Program at the Market has proved essential to educating not just consumers who come into the stores but also to the communities the Market serves. Educators are budtenders with an extensive knowledge and powerful thirst to pass on that knowledge. These individuals take extra time with customers to ensure they make informed decisions. Recently, the Educator’s have been attending higher learning events at retirement homes to help the elderly access both cannabis and education. From ALS Walks to in depth Q & A’s, Educator’s at the Evergreen Market are cannabis education personified.


The Evergreen Market values not only for knowledgable Educators but strives for higher education in all its staff. At the start of this year, the Market launched a new training technique- the Budtender Journal. From tasting notes to cannabis facts, the handbook will now be a standard for anyone entering the industry under the wing of the Evergreen Market. The intention for every staff member to have a high level of cannabis education is a step on the path to commoditize the industry as a whole. As a legitimate and thriving industry we have strive for expertise at every level and cultivate an atmosphere of professionals. With the introduction of the handbook, every employee at the market will begin their career in a culture of cannabis education and growth.




Written by: Elan Gratrix

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