Welcome Our Educators!

Welcome our Educators!

We are excited to announce the newest position of Educator at our stores. These individuals work as a liaison between our producers and products and customers and staff, diving deeper into information such as ingredients and effects of our merchandise and flower. Whether you are someone new to cannabis or just looking for a new product, we want to provide the time, compassion and product-knowledge that you deserve.

cannabis educators legal weed
Look out for the white lanyard!

These budtenders can be identified by a white lanyard and will be present at all three stores. Educators have embraced our mission of Educate, Celebrate, Elevate, daily, and we are proud to create this position to highlight the dedicated staff here, giving even more attention to customers with special needs, those just getting acquainted with cannabis and the industry, or anyone who has extra questions and wants to take more time.

Top Row (left to right); Mick, Tommy, James, Jason, Mike, Dylan. Bottom Row; David, Elan, Wacheke.

At The Evergreen Market, we look forward to continually pushing the industry in a direction of community, with integrity, passion and respect for all. Our focus is to create a space where everyone can feel comfortable to ask the questions they need answered and to feel supported on their quest to find what works for them.

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Each day our Educators put a new word in the back of the house for our staff to continue to grow our knowledge and cannabis repertoire and jargon.

Educators will also work closely with staff, passing on their knowledge to all, sometimes through easy daily exercises like our Word of the Day! Today’s word was ‘heirloom,’ referring to a strain that has not been crossbred, aka a landrace.

Meet our Educators!

Jason, lead educator at our South Renton location

“The educators are what separate the Evergreen Market apart as a force of normalization of cannabis.”

Meet Panda Mike who loves to dab his face silly on Instagram
Educator Mike at South Renton Store

“It’s a privilege to help others and empower them with the knowledge they need to reap the most benefits from cannabis!”

learn from our educators about cannabis and product ingredients
Asst. Manager & Educator Dylan at North Renton

“Education is the key to providing the best experience.”

Educator David of the Evergreen Market
David from our Auburn location
“Cannabis is a lifestyle. We use cannabis as medicine and as a social bonding tool. As we wash away the negative stigmas created by centuries of misinformation with education, we can legally talk about cannabis and truly study this plant that has been a major hot button topic in America.”

legal weed cannabis educators
Educator Wacheke in Auburn

“Before I can explain why the Educator matters, I need to establish why education matters so much in this industry. Considering that we exist in an already stigmatized industry, information and education are some of the few tools we have at our disposal in our fight to be legitimized and accepted. It wasn’t until people saw hard scientific proof that they believed in the medicinal and therapeutic powers of weed. But just because it’s legal does not mean that the fight is over. This Educator role gives us the perfect opportunity to educate and maybe even change some perceptions. While we can’t change everyone’s minds, it’s nice to know we’re doing our part.”

So stop in and say hello to these newly promoted team members. We are all passionate about cannabis and will continue to make it a priority to share this passion with newbies, seasoned veterans, and everyone in between!  All are welcome, and we welcome all.


Your Journey Starts Here

legal weed cannabis educators
Our newest store in the South Renton.

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Written By: Masha Brown

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