Legal / Disclaimers

Legal Disclaimers: Marijuana is a drug. Just like alcohol, when used in moderation marijuana can be safe, fun, and enhance your experiences – why else do it, right? That being said overdoing it can ruin an otherwise great time.

While there are no reported cases of anyone ever dying from smoking or eating too much marijuana, over indulgence can lead to vomiting, paranoia, and passing out. None of that sounds fun. Additionally, breathing smoke into your lungs isn’t great for you, and while vaporizing is a little better, it can still be harmful. And like other drugs, marijuana should not be used by woman who are pregnant or breast feeding. Please keep your marijuana in a safe place, well away from kids and pets. Marijuana can be habit forming. Due to the intoxicating effects of marijuana the use of marijuana can impair concentration, coordination, and judgment.

Please don’t consume marijuana and drive your car or operate any machinery, it is not smart or safe.

If you are enjoying an edible, start with a small amount and wait until you feel the effects. Trust us when we say that there’s not much worse than eating more marijuana than you needed; it can result in moderate to severe anxiety as well as nausea.

When used with alcohol the effects of both the alcohol and marijuana can combine in a way that is uncomfortable to many. Additionally, If you are on any medications please consult your doctor to make sure that your use of marijuana will not interact with your medication in a negative way.

And finally, please consume your marijuana while in Washington state: not every state is as forward thinking as Washington and bringing it across the border is seriously frowned upon – in fact it is a Federal offense. Enjoy your marijuana, it is a gift meant to be experienced, but please enjoy it safely and in moderation so you have a great time.