Review: Nebula Gardens – Rozay Sherbet

Nebula Gardens – Rozay Sherbet

Location: EllensburgNebula Gardens is a WA state producer/processor in the cannabis industry.

Grow Method: Coco

Taste: Floral, bright, fresh

Aroma: Grape, berry

Mood: Amused, relaxed, spacey

First impression

With a lot of popularity in both our renton and auburn shops Nebula Gardens is sure to stick around.“Am I gonna cough? I’m not gonna cough.” Was my first thought after the initial hit of Rozay Sherbet from Nebula Gardens. I was wrong, I coughed. But it was just a little one, overall the hit was very smooth. The flavor profile started very fresh, slightly floral and delicate. Sweet, but in more of a La Croix way and less like candy. After grinding it up a very grape smell made an appearance. I didn’t catch too much of the grape on the inhale.

The start of the high put me in a somewhat reflective mood, the type where you catch your thoughts getting slow and life changing right before you think “haha, oh man I’m stoned”. Rozay Sherbet could be good for meditation in a laugh-at-your-own-joke in your head kinda way. The body buzz is nice and doesn’t come on too strong. The balance still leaves you with the ability to be social, a little giggle-y even. The floral and the softness goes away with the greens, but the middle of the bowl isn’t too rough or harsh. The ash isn’t totally white, but not too dark either. I’ve consistently been a fan of Nebula (it doesn’t hurt that they’re linked with one of my personal all time favorites, Fire Bros.)

Rozay Sherbert from Nebula gardens is one of the great selections at our renton and auburn locations

                                                          10 minutes from first hit

After the high settled in, I felt a little spacey, easily distracted, but happy. Moderate dry mouth. At one point I felt compelled to pull up a video from youtube of dogs talking back to their owners. I wanted to see if my dogs would react funny. The experiment was a success. They did.

The way the high set in was excellent. I think particularly because I was smoking solo; it’s peaceful. After the first bowl I ended up turning on some music. Rozay Sherbet might also go well with netflix, but music really fit it. I was listening to Brother Ali, which felt like a great choice.

The Final Verdict

Nebula Gardens Rozay Sherbert is a great experience and smoke; it's easy to pick up convenient to kent, tukwila, federal way, and fairwood..About 2-3 hours later the high started to simmer down. I still caught myself being a little spacey, still felt a body high (mostly in my arms). If I laid down as the high was wearing off I would almost certainly have fallen asleep. Rozay Sherbet was really pleasant without being incapacitating. I could see someone with a lower tolerance being knocked out by this strain, but as someone who lives that ‘smoke weed everyday’ kind of life it made for a really enjoyable experience that I would be happy to re-live again.

If you want to pick up some Rozay Sherbet from Nebula Gardens for yourself visit anyone of our three locations. In Auburn, WA we are across the street from the Iron Horse Casino, in North Renton we’re near Renton Airport on Rainier Ave, and in South Renton you can find us by Valley Medical Center, down the hill from the 167 exit.

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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