Review: Legendary Laboratories – False Teeth

Legendary Laboratories – False Teeth

Location: Spokane, WALegendary Labs is a Spokane based hydroponic grow

Grow Method/Medium: Hydroponic

Taste: Berry, Cobbler, Skunk

Aroma: Crisp, Linen, Skunk

Mood: Happy, Upbeat, Relaxed

First Impression

Legendary Labs False Teeth is a delicious adventureThe sensory experience of False Teeth from Legendar Labs is a journey. It transforms with almost every step of rolling it into a joint and smoking it. As a bud straight out the jar it was a clean, softly skunk aroma but after grinding it up the skunk turned up and sweetened. The buds are picture-worthy. The whole nug is coated with sparkly trichomes and deep purples. The green in the plant was pretty bright but turned pastel by the layer of frost over it. All the way enjoyable throughout the process of rolling a joint, but False Teeth from Legendary Labs really impressed me after sparking it up.

The flavor profile was incredible. Three or four puffs in and suddenly my joint tasted like a berry cobbler. Would recommend. Would smoke again. Delicious.

The first of the effects of False Teeth that I noticed was small sensations in my arms that made them feel light and it started before the joint was finished. I wouldn’t really say this was a body heavy bud, though. I feel like I just woke up from a brief, but energizing nap. Not run-a-marathon energized, but I definitely didn’t feel the cannabis was bringing me down.

10 minutes in…

I still tasted baked berry 10 minutes in and had no desire for that to change. This bud was fantastic for relaxation. Just like the rapid transformations in it’s aroma, the high had a distinct journey before settling into the body. Aside from the first sensations in my arms, the beginning of the high lingered around the top of my head for awhile before continuing down towards the neck and back.

Final Verdict

Frosty buds from Legendary LabsThis was a good weed. Legendary Labs lives up to their names and will definitely be included in my personal rotation. The only complaint I was able to muster up was that I wished the high lasted longer. That’s not much of a complaint, though, because I just ended up smoking more of that berry bliss. If you plan on picking up Legendary Labs at an Evergreen Market location be sure to check out the online menu (links are below)! These guys go fast, but also have some great options for dabs as well!

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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