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Ever wondered if smoking weed could help with your gaming abilities? We created an experiment to find out just that!

It’s a quarter past midnight, a light haze blankets the dimly lit room. The computer monitor’s glow illuminates the haze. There’s a scent, an acquired scent, I still remember the first time I smelled it. In front of our battlestation, he and I sit next to each other. Between us, our e-nail, bong, and an assortment of bud and concentrates. “Victory hits!!” I holler as we high five. To be honest, there were going to be hits, victory or defeat. After all, this was our usual Friday night.

There’s been plenty said about gaming while high. To me, it’s a stress relieve. Nothing beats the feeling of defeating the enemy team and celebrating with a victory toke. Although I’ve always wondered, are we really getting better as we get higher? Or do we just believe that we’re “better” because we’re high? To better answer the question, I’ve decided to get some stats.

This study was conducted over the course of three days. Our subject consumed a different type of cannabis each day – Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica; dedicating 2 hours to play, in this case, we chose “Battlefield 1”(Conquest). Checks would be done periodically to assess how high our subject was (on the high scale of 1-10), as well as the game score, and Kill/Death Ratio.

gamers legal cannabis best weed to smoke
Gameplay screenshot. Localhostage capturing base in game.

For this experiment, we enlisted help from seasoned gamer, and longtime cannabis connoisseur – Localhostage. His gaming portfolio began in the 90’s, with a diverse interest ranging from action adventures like Mario and Zelda, MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) like WOW, RTS(Real Time Strategy) like StarCraft, FPS (First Person Shooter) like Team Fortress, and Call of Duty, as well as MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) like League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm. He was ranked Silver IV in League of Legends in Season 4 and 5, ranked Gold last season in Overwatch. You can find him currently active in Heroes of the Storm, and PlayerUnknown.

sativa legal weed seattle gamers
WeedSnob Sativa Strain: Green Crack
legal weed seattle green crack gamers
Green Crack out of the bag!

Sativa – WeedSnob: Green Crack

                  Small clusters of dense beautiful nugs, WeedSnob Green Crack was the start of Localhostage’s Saturday morning. Saturday morning gaming sessions are always accompanied by wake and bake.

He takes one last pull on the Mighty (the vaporizer) exhaling a cloud of white smoke that fills the room with citrusy, fruity, and earthy notes, he signs on into Battlefield 1.

Right off the bat, he felt a jolt of energy. Uplifted and focused, his mind is on the objective, to take control of key points. He knows better than to chase kills. Working with his squad, they make plays on enemies who overextend. Their focus on the game objective pays off. Victory.

During Game 1, Localhostage was at a high scale of 5 or 6, KD Ration: 9/6, and Score: 10279. From there it quickly picked up. During Game 2, after a few fresh loads from the Mighty, his high was at a solid 7, climbing to 8. His score was getting better. He held a good score throughout Game 2 going into Game 3. As with all games, you can only control so much. Without teamwork, no matter what you smoke, no matter how focused and energetic you are, you cannot win. We wrap up the 2hrs of gaming with a sharp fall from 4th place to 12th place on the team in the last 15 minutes.

best hybrid legal weed gaming
WeedSnob Hybrid Strain: Cookies and Cream!
best hybrid for gaming
Cookies and Cream looking fluffy and delicious!

Hybrid – WeedSnob : Cookies and Cream

                  Super frosty nugs! Taking a whiff and you immediately get a sweet almost vanilla scent, with a musky undertone. Its smoke characteristics are creamy and velvety. Right away Localhostage can feel the high between his eyes and pressure around the temples, while the euphoria sets in. These psychedelic sensations are accompanied by weightlessness of limbs. Towards the end of the two hours, the semi-narcotic effects seemed to have melted away all his motivation to game.

He chose Medic class going in. His mood was high and energized. He wanted to be up front in the battle, in the action, ready to save lives and fight. Game 1 was a long game, but it gave us a really good look at the ups and downs. In the beginning, you can see it was a sluggish start, but he quickly picked up. Going from a level 7 high, KD 0/6, 0/4 from Round 1, to 2/0 in Round 2. His decision to switch to Scout class in Round 3 shows the Indica started to grab hold. His score falls a bit, ending the game in 12th place, KD 15/20, and score 8231. In his post-game interview, he said he could definitely feel as time went on, there was a drag; from wanting to run around up front in the battlefield to switching to scout class, where it’s more lay back and relax.

g13 indica for gamers
WeedSnob Indica Strain: G-13
g13 indica for gamers
Heart shaped bud of G-13 is looking good!

Indica – WeedSnob : G13

                  Allured by its name and legend, it was the first strain (with a name) we had ever smoked (years ago!). Since then, we’ve been in a long love affair with G13. The thing I love most about G13 is its strong sustaining high. This WeedSnob G13 was no different. His scoreboard is a good reflection of this high progression.

You can probably already guess the results from the Indica run. The first half an hour was great! He was pumped, and ready to kill. 38 minutes in, he was working on his 3rd reload – at a solid level 8 high, and climbing, getting giggly and saying he was “high AF.” Localhostage finished the 2hrs of playing with plenty of cursing and dying near the end.

smoke weed and game

So, what was our conclusion?

Well, it goes without saying that everyone is different, so everyone’s experience is going to be different. This is by no means any kind of standard for testing or definitive statement on cannabis and gaming. One thing I learned from this was that Moderation, is key! As is with most, if not, everything in life. One commonality between smoking all three types of cannabis was that there was always a “peak” where you would benefit from the effects of cannabis the most. However, once you passed that threshold, your end results seemed to be the same.

Hopefully this can be a start to gathering more statistics and evidence for the benefits on cannabis use and gaming.

Are you a gamer? Interested in doing this experiment on your own? Come in and pick up your favorites and do your own test. Take screenshots and share them with us!

cannabis weed snob gamers
The three picks for our experiment! A sativa, hybrid and indica strains from WeedSnob Gold Label, available exclusively at The Evergreen Market.


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Written By: Fiona Fung

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