Puff, Puff, PASS!

New Law Passes, Sharing Legal Cannabis Allowed

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Congratulations, Washingtonians!  Photo courtesy of Kate Devine Photography.

For years there has been a stark disconnect between the law and the actuality of cannabis culture.

We have all heard, ‘puff, puff, pass,’ a common phrase in the cannabis community, typically referring to hitting a joint for two puffs, before passing it to the next enthusiast. Unfortunately, since the inception of I-502 in 2012, passing a joint or even gifting a bag a weed to your mom has remained a criminal offense.

Under the preexisting law, passing cannabis to a friend who was of age was a class C felony, punishable by up to 5 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. Although written with good intentions, the way I-502 was worded, possessing cannabis with the intent to pass the joint/bong or edible to even your spouse could get you in serious hot water.

Now, five years later, with Governor Jay Insley’s signing of Senate Bill 5131 on May 16th, we are finally seeing this nonsense changed. So as the weather warms up, and people gather with their friends and family, be sure to pass that joint to your left, as there is no longer a legal defense to bogarting! 😉

Possession and Sharing of Marijuana

Bill 5131

 “The delivery by a person 21 years of age or older to one or more persons 21 years of age or older, during a 24-hour period, for noncommercial purposes and not conditioned upon or done in connection with the provision or receipt of financial consideration, of any of the following marijuana products, is not a violation of Washington law: Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ

0.5 ounce of useable marijuana;

8 ounces of marijuana-infused product in solid form;

36 ounces of marijuana-infused product in liquid form;

or 3.5 grams of marijuana concentrates.

The act of delivering marijuana or a marijuana product must meet one of the following requirements: (1) the delivery must be done in a location outside of the view of general public and in a nonpublic place; or (2) the marijuana or marijuana product must be in the original packaging as purchased from the marijuana retailer.”

We hope this clarifies any questions or concerns you may have had with the change in the law. Feel free to come down to our Knowledge Bar at any of our 3 locations to access more information through our reading materials and available Educators!

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Written By: Masha Brown

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