10 Activities to Enjoy Stoned

Your Cannabis Journey

So you smoked some chronic and now you can’t remember what you wanted to do? Don’t worry!

The Evergreen Market WeedSnob Crew has got you covered with our top activity picks that you can enjoy after you have elevated your body and mind. How many of these have you tried yourself?

Cannabis can enhance a situation, if used properly.
Cannabis can enhance an experience, like making your favorite movie even more funny!


1. Watch a movie

If you really can’t remember what you wanted to do, you may not want to do much. Maybe relaxing in your favorite chair is just what’s in order! Make some popcorn, open your favorite treats and get comfortable.

Want to take it to the next level?

Plan a movie marathon with friends! Maybe somebody hasn’t seen all of the Star Wars or Harry Potter series. Time to get blasted and blast into fantasy world!

Choose your favorite movies and make an epic show out of it, you can even make a smoking game out of it!

Bong hit every time you hear a spell, anyone? (or see a hobbit!)

weed and work out
Certain products and strains can help with focus or muscle control when working out.

2. Get Active or Hit the Gym

Maybe you smoked that sativa and are ready to get into action! Working out at your home gym is a great way to burn off some steam. Maybe go to the park and kick around that soccer ball with some friends. Whatever your activity of choice is, smoking the right kind of cannabis may help get you into the right place of mind to work out better. Ever disc-golfed? Maybe you should!

“I like to use marijuana as a way to increase the connection between my mind and my body. When I smoke specific strains I can feel a better connection to the specific muscle group that I am working on. Afterwards a heavy hitting indica is a great way to relax my body to help the muscles rest.”

-Vaughn, Educator Evergreen Market

weed massage
Wether giving yourself a foot massage or trading body massages with your honey, cannabis topical are a great additive to help the muscles relax more.

3. Massage

Getting high can relax your muscles and make you more sensitive to physical touch.

Whether giving yourself a nice foot rub, or your honey getting those knots out for you, our experiences have shown that physical touch and massage is a great way to enjoy a good high.

Maybe take turns! After getting a massage you usually want to relax even more. Take turns helping your partner relax one night, so you can another night! Maybe make Monday nights his turn to massage you and Wednesday is yours to massage them!

Find what works best with your schedule.

Taking some special time to unwind from the long day using a topical is a perfect way to find relief with cannabis that isn’t solely focused on THC strength and high affects.

4. Make music

Get in the zone and get creative! What better way to enjoy that buzz than to create something? We all know cannabis intensifies our experiences, especially when we need to be creative. Grab that guitar, drum or some paper and make notes on what you are composing! It may be the next big hit!

special s'mores with cannabis
Enjoy the great outdoors any way we like! We made a fire in our backyard to make some special s’mores with Spot chocolates.

5. Hike

Nature and nature just go together!

Living in the Pacific Northwest we can’t get anymore spoiled than this! With so many trails in our neck of the woods, you can find a busy or totally deserted path, the choice is really, yours.

Don’t forget, wherever you go, make sure you journey starts with grabbing some supplies. Wether you want to make some s’mores in your backyard or enjoy a view from the top of a mountain, we have the ingredients for a fun time at any of our three locations.

gamers with cannabis
Smoke weed, vape or dab and GAME!

6. Game

Sometimes when you are on your feet all day for work, a day off means lounging on that couch and gaming! Grab that joint stick and your favorite games to zone out and game all day and all night. Also, have you read our latest blog on Gaming with Cannabis? Check it out- we did an Experiment!

7. Dance

Nothing makes you feel more free than to float into your own world of music and movement.

Cannabis not only makes you feel more creative, but it can get blood flowing to your body parts to make you stretch, bend and whatever else you need to do to make that new dance move work!

Smoking cannabis or eating an edible can help relax muscles and open creative thought, which is the perfect combo to create choreography that is original and daring.

get artsy with crafts and cannabis
Like to get creative? Use arts & crafts as a way to decompress and have fun!

8. Arts & crafts

Maybe you want to feel like a little kid again and get in touch with your creative side! Find a favorite DIY project on Pinterest and get to it. It’s all about having FUN!

read to succeed with cannabis
Some strains are perfect to zone in and learn something new from a book or magazine!

9. Read

This one may seem odd, but many can attest that if you find the right strain, you can totally fall into a black hole being a book worm.

Many times it will be an Indica strain that clears your mind and allows you to tunnel vision right into the story and keep you there.

Just make sure you don’t keep rereading that sentence! 😉

10. Talk

Your mind gets so creative and weird when you smoke chronic! What better way to connect with people you care about than to converse with friends and loved ones about why we are here or what is important in life. You wont believe the topics you will reach if you toke and talk just a little. Some of our best ideas came from a tiny bit of cannabis and a lot of discussions!

There are many other activities you can enjoy with a little cannabis! We hope this helped spark some thoughts for new ways to enjoy your high.


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Written By: Masha Brown

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