Evergreen Market Bellevue Dispensary Visual Tour

The entry sign for Evergreen Market Bellevue dispensary

We are officially past our half year mark at our Bellevue Dispensary! We’ve been operating our fifth cannabis dispensary smoothly since the summer of last year. We’ve been settling in and

enjoying getting to know our new customers and the needs of the people on the Eastside that come from Redmond, Factoria, Mercer Island, Crossroads, Bridle Trails, and Overlake. The clientele is diverse like the rest of our stores, but everybody that comes in is looking to discover a higher quality of life.

In case you haven’t had the opportunity to step into our newest dispensary in Bellevue, we’ve put together a visual tour to give you a peek at what you can expect when you stop in at the Evergreen Market Bellevue dispensary across the street from Chic-fil-a & The Woods Coffee on 116th in Bellevue, WA.

We have recently increased the signage out by 116th in Bellevue to help with finding our dispensary. We know that it’s a little difficult to see from the road so keep an eye out for our big Evergreen Market sign when you come to visit. We’ve put a couple reflective signs on the sidewalk as well to help you not miss that turn!


Sidewalk signs off of 116th in Bellevue


Afraid all the parking in front of the store is taken? Don’t worry! We have more parking available in the back past the entrance to the Bellevue dispensary.

More parking in the back sign for our Bellevue Cannabis store

Storefront for Evergreen Market Bellevue dispensary








Once you’ve made it to the store, the hard part is over and you’re practically ready to start enjoying your weed. But first, let’s take a peak at the inside of the store and how we do things at Evergreen Market Bellevue!

The first step inside at our Bellevue dispensary

Upon stepping into the Bellevue store, you will find an ATM to your left as well as our monthly cannabis specials. One of our friendly budtenders greet you at the door and check your I.D. with a quick scan. If you’re uncomfortable with your I.D. being scanned, that’s okay. Just be sure to let the staff member know when they greet you and instead they will have a manager come and visually verify the age & expiration date of the I.D. We understand it’s a crazy world we live in and we want to respect everyone’s wishes. The standard procedure of scanning the I.D. is to help protect our staff. As an FYI, if a budtender let’s someone in who is underage they can face a felony so we try to be extra thorough and follow the rules.

The inside sales floor od Evergreen Market Bellevue

the salesfloor at Evergreen Market Bellevue







The trademark of our open layout continues with our Bellevue store. The space is well lit, clean, and decorated with barn wood & corrugated metal. The very first station upon entering is the knowledge bar centerpiece. That station contains CBD products, large quantities, and other items worth spending a little extra time getting to ask questions about. It’s also where you’ll find articles and cannabis books to deep dive into with one of our budtenders or educators.

Self service in store ordering kiosks at Evergreen Market Bellevue

A stack of NWLeaf magazines on the knowledge bar at Evergreen Market Bellevue dispensary







Bellevue is our only location right now that features self-serve kiosks to place your order in store. Know what you want and our budtenders are a little busy? We don’t want to slow you down! Feel free to place an order on one of our in-store ordering kiosks to the left of the knowledge bar, the order will be sent to the back to be fulfilled, and your name will be called when it’s ready. Simple as that!

Of course, if you prefer to speak to a budtender and have them help you, we’re always glad to be of service.

Edible case at Evergreen Market Bellevue

Our edibles are displayed in the pastry case, as well as the two other cases beside it. To keep things simple our CBD edibles are on display in the CBD section in the knowledge bar.

Concentrates station at Evergreen MArket Bellevue

Flower case for smokable cannabis








Vape station at our Bellevue Dispensary

Our Bellevue Preroll selection








With our open layout and station by station flow, we encourage our customers to take as much (or as little) time as they need. No rushed, drive through feeling here! Want to get in and get out as soon as possible? That’s what we have the dedicated online order pick up register for. (Pssst… online orders get 10% off too!)

Sign for Online Order Pick up

2 ATMs are at every Evergreen location














If you forgot to grab some cash, we got you covered with two seperate ATM’s on site. One in the entry way, and another one in the store by the edibles case. Didn’t place your order online? No problem at all, one of our budtenders will take your order and guide you up to the register to ring you up and have you on your way.

Quinn shows off some of his favorite flower

The start of our checkout line







At the register we do one more I.D. check (the person who let you in isn’t always the same person that rings you up) to ensure that the cashier is not selling to someone who may have managed to get through with an invalid I.D. Again, if you prefer your I.D. not be scanned, just let us know. Once you’ve got your goodies, you’re all set to go!

large quantity flower

Thank you for exploring our Bellevue dispensary with us, hope you choose to visit us soon! Want to see what’s in Bellevue’s inventory in the meantime? Take a peek at the online menu here.


Written by: Nikki Marangon


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