Pax ERA PRO™ VS Pax ERA™ Review

As someone who is a big fan of Pax’s ERA™ vape , I could not tell you how excited I was to try the new ERA PRO™ from PAX. I wanted to first add in a safety net, and use one of my favorite PAX carts right now the Candy Apple by Leafwerx. I decided during this review that I would switch back and forth using the same cart to keep it as consistent as possible with my research. I want to give you guys my honest review.

Candy Apple by Leafwerx

To give you guys some context, one thing that the Pax ERA PRO™ does is that it gives you the properties of the cart so that you know which you can discover the cannabinoid profile and the terpenes so you can find what you like in real time. For me, I’m a little bit of a data freak and a cannabis nerd so this aspect really appealed to me. I had zero idea what was in Candy Apple but guess what… I found out. This was easier to see on the app, however to give you another visual here is what I could see from the different terpenes on Leafly.

Candy Apple Terpene Profile used with the new ERA PRO™

You can see in this picture, Candy Apple contains terpenes of pine, herbal, and citrus. Candy Apple also crosses (Blueberry x Pineapple) and Afghan) In comparison to Leafly, I found the app way more convenient and way more efficient when I’m trying to find out what I like. Now I know when I go into work which terpenes I like and find more pods with similar crosses. So already from a technology aspect, much more convenient when it comes to shopping and learning about different products.

Note: If you have an Apple phone, a website is coming out soon for you to be able to access this information! Due to new limitations PAX is currently working on a website for this since Apple has banned any cannabis vape apps. 



Now onto the review! Like I said in the intro, I switched back and forth from the ERA PRO™ to the ERA™ and back to challenge the hit, consistency and also which one I overall liked more using the same pod.

ERA PRO™: 0 – 20 minutes

Took two hits from ERA PRO™, and to be honest it felt about the same as the ERA™ from what I could remember from the night before. I then began to watch a tutorial on how to customize a jean jacket and my high took off from there. The first thing I noticed was I started paying attention to the background of the tutorial more than the actual tutorial. I had the urge to clean and also make a jean jacket. I did neither of those things. I was officially parked in my bed.

ERA™: 40 minutes

I was wrong. I’m just going to say this now. I could tell the difference between the first hit from the ERA PRO™ from the ERA™ immediately. It was way more of a harsher hit and overall left me less satisfied. I will say, I love my ERA™ and always will, but this woke me up. I usually keep the temperature at the same level, but for me this hit me with a curve-ball. As much as I love my ERA™ the ERA PRO™ just left me way more satisfied.

ERA PRO™: 1 hour

What I noticed is the consistency that the Pax ERA PRO™ provided and how smooth of a hit it was. This time I only took one hit compared to the two I’ve been taking, because I was satisfied at one. I want to also note the vibrating feature on the Pax ERA PRO™, it sounds kind of weird but that was something I really liked from my AiroPro so I’m happy they brought that feature in a small way to the new device.

ERA™: 1.5 hours

I think because I only took a single hit it wore off a lot faster – which makes sense. However, when I went back to the ERA™ I noticed the same thing I did before. Inconsistent hits and overall less satisfied in comparison to the previous one hit from the ERA PRO™.

Final Verdict

I have to say, the Pax ERA PRO™ is a big upgrade in my book. I’m really impressed with the consistency, the technology and over satisfaction I got from using the ERA PRO™ in comparison to the ERA™. If you’re looking to making a switch from the ERA™ and you’re a consistent PAX user, like myself, I would definitely consider making the upgrade to the  ERA PRO™.  The PAX website does have a great comparison (in my opinion) in case you’re wanting to look for yourself on the overall similarities and difference. See below.

A comparison between ERA PRO™ and ERA™


Written by: Emma Titchenal



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