7 of our Favorite Products for Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine’s day is a day for love—whether it’s someone special or reminder to love yourself—we put together a list of 100% perfect weed products for Valentine’s Day 2020. Celebrate away.

#1. Airopro Cartridges – Chocolate Hashberry, Frosting, or Gelato Live Resin

Airopro is one of the leading vape companies in the Washington State market. Their technology has a minimal fail rate and the oil they use is satisfyingly delicious. In keeping with the theme, Chocolate Hashberry and Frosting are two of their sweetest c02 cartridges for anyone in the mood for dessert. Gelato is also a solid option, being Live Resin it has a more true-to-plant flavor than the C02 options. No matter which you choose, it’s way better than a boring bouquet of flowers.

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#2. Swifts – Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles

We understand if you want to go the more traditional route for Valentine’s day, but hear us out. You can have your chocolates and weed together! Swift’s makes it hard to eat just one, but at 10mg a truffle you’ll want to make sure you or your significant other don’t overdo it by eating the whole box. (Or maybe you do what to overdo it, who are we— live your life.) Their other flavors like tiger butter, cookies ‘n cream, and apple crisp are also delicious if you’re not a huge fan of raspberry.

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#3. Soulshine – Hash Infused Rose Blunt

This is perfect for that little ‘wow’ moment. Nobody will be disappointed with a blunt for Valentine’s day, but a blunt with rose petals as a wrap adds that extra layer of “hey baby, glad you’re mine”. This is like the winky face of pre-rolled options. Get all the credit without having to roll it yourself. And with an added boost of hash! These are extremely limited so get yours while supplies last!

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#4. Fairwinds – ‘O’ or Velvet Swing Personal Lubricant

Both these brands did a great job of creating a truly sensual experience. While admittedly these items work way better for traditional lady parts than they do for the biological male, the silky touch is still alive and well. Thanks to the cannabis profile, when used these lubes increase blood flow for more intense pleasure and fun. Make sure to read up carefully if you’re planning on using toys!

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#5. Captain Chronic Prerolls – On SUPER sale; 5 for $10 (regulary $5 a piece)!

Some people want lots of presents, so if that’s the case you’re in luck! For our Valentine’s day sale we have Captain Chronic prerolls on special. Swipe 5 of these bad boys for $10 and have plenty to stay puffing on for the most romantic day of the year. Keep all 5 to yourself as a self-love treat or share them with that special someone. These deal is while supplies last and includes strains like Cinderella 88, Grape Tahoe, Thin Mint cookies, and Super Iced Grapefruit. (Strains may vary by location.)

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#6. Journeyman – Watermelon Sour Jellies

Not everyone is a fan of chocolate, so when truffles won’t do but there’s still a V-day sweettooth to take care of watermelon sour jellies from Journeyman are the answer. At $30 for a 100mg bag, you won’t be breaking the bank to turn up for Valentine’s with your Valentine. Sweet, sour, and infused with cannabis like most of my friends are.

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#7. Hygge Farms – Sensation & Passion strains

If you haven’t had the privilege of cracking open a jar from Hygge Farms, now is the perfect opportunity. Their branding is floral and delicate, but their weed is dank and dangerous. It makes the perfect combo for an ideal stoner Valentine’s day gift. They even go as far as to ‘pretty up’ some of the traditional strain names so whether your S.O. is a daily smoker or someone who treats themselves every once in a while, you won’t have to give them a jar of flower labeled ‘Donkey Butter’, instead they’ve put the prominent name on their jar as ‘Sensation’. Their ‘Passion’ strain is a pheno of Purple Punch.

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We hope you decent to give one or two of these products for Valentine’s day a try. Leave us a review on Google or Yelp and let us know what you thought of them!

Written by: Nikki Marangon


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