Your source of calm

A message from our CEO, Shannon Vetto

Your source of calm
March 7, 2020 The Evergreen Market

A message from Shannon Vetto, CEO at Evergreen Market

Hello Friends,

Coronavirus is on all our minds, and like you, we are processing the information as it comes. Our sympathies go out to those who have been directly impacted; it is not lost on us that this includes a vulnerable group of our customers.

Our commitment to the safety of our customers and team members is unwavering. We have communicated to our employees the importance of staying home if we feel ill, washing hands frequently, and reinforcing healthy habits. In addition, we’ve increased measures around sanitizing surfaces throughout our stores. We also ask you to consider refraining from sharing joints, bongs, or pipes.

While we don’t offer a cure, we are happy to be your source of calm. Our stores are currently operating with normal business hours; if that changes, we will update our website to keep you informed. Take care of yourself and your loved ones; thank you for being part of our family.

We look forward to seeing you,

Shannon Vetto



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