Washington’s Eats: Auburn Food!

Looking for good Auburn food?

Visiting our South Sound cannabis store in Auburn? We know you’ll have the munchies after! Auburn Washington offers not only an incredible view of Mount Rainier to enjoy with a blunt, but a vast array of hidden restaurant gems to enjoy afterward. With all different cuisines, you can pair your favorite herb with your favorite meals easily after a visit to The Evergreen Market. Here are some of the best Auburn food spots places to check out!

Check out our Top 6!

Sushido always knocks it out of the park for Auburn food.
Sushido Flower

Sushido. Located right on the corner of Main and A Street, this authentic Japanese spot has the best sushi and the best lunch deal around. From 11am to 3pm everyday, including weekends, you can tuck into two enormous sushi rolls for $15. This includes edamame and miso. Take care of those munchies at a great price. We recommend the Yummy Yummy roll and the Bloody Mary! 

Oddfella’s, an Auburn food classic, is located just down the block from Sushido on Main Street. With huge portion options, you can puff puff pass and then sit down with a sandwich you can enjoy now and the leftovers later! Oddfella’s sports several local beers so you can partake in not just the local cannabis but Auburn’s food and brews as well. Don’t forget to enjoy both responsibly!

Sunbreak Cafe, one of Auburn’s most recognizable restaurants in the heart of downtown is a great family style place to relieve those munchies. They feature handmade sandwiches with great ambiance and affordable prices. Don’t forget to check out the little boutique in their front lobby. Toke, shop, and eat at this south sound staple.

The Spunky Monkey Bar and Grill. A true staple of Auburn food, The Spunky 

A staple for Auburn food and cocktails!
Image from: seattleb

Monkey, more affectionately known as The Monkey”, is the favorite local hangout for all ages. Featuring a full menu, happy hour specials, daily specials, trivia night, and their 7 day a week karaoke- The Monkey is the one and only classic bar left to the area since the tragic loss of the Home Plate (may she rest in peace). Come in after a smoke sesh for the pool tables, stay for the ambiance and the best bartenders around. Don’t forget to come see The Evergreen Market on November 19th at The Monkey for cannabis themed trivia! See you there.

Taqueria El Rinconsito’s is a stoner’s dream. They serve authentic mexican food, including homemade tortillas. After a smoking your favorite strain you can enjoy 3 tacos and a drink for $4.99 every day. If you love getting stoned and eating mexican food, you’ll love this late night joint located on Auburn way across from Baskin Robbins.

Vinifera has been voted the best of Auburn food for the second year running!
Image from: Vinifera Facebook

Vinifera, Auburn’s most awarded restaurant two years in a row. Higher class and a bit more spendy, this new spot is just a couple blocks from The Evergreen Market Auburn. Right on Main street and Auburn Way, Vinifera wine bistro makes it easy to enjoy a higher quality of life in your backyard. With gourmet food and excellent wines and local beers, Vinifera is the date night destination for all classy stoners.

Visit any of our south sound locations for your ganja then head to Auburn for some amazing meals!

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Written by: Elan Gratrix

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