Mother’s Day is Almost Here!

In case you’ve been too busy smoking your entire stash while being locked down at home, we’re here to remind you that this Sunday is Mother’s Day.

You’re welcome.

Even better, we’ve made a list of things you can pick up at Evergreen Market that we think she’ll love while hanging out at home.


Mother’s Day Gifts for Cool Moms

revive bath salts1. Ceres Bath Salts – Soothe, Revive, Relax, Moon Cycle

Bath salts from Ceres are the perfect gift that says, “I care about your self-care” and encourages mom to take a little time for herself. These are highly effective at promoting relaxation deep in the body without causing a high. These bath salts each have ingredients aimed towards relaxation, invigoration, or targeted relief. They also come in a variety of THC and CBD ratios. Be sure to let mom know to transition out the tub and stand up slowly—her body may be more relaxed than she realized. Pro tip: these bath salts are on super sale at our Bellevue location for Mother’s Day Weekend!

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2. Vape Pen – Airo Pro or PAX Era

Moms have it hard enough without adding muss and fuss to their unwinding routine. Plenty of moms have ditched the wine or evening Xanax in favor of cannabis. Vape pens like those from Airo Pro or PAX simplify the use of cannabis concentrates. Vapes can be a little easier of an introduction to cannabis than flower or dabs, particularly for those who may not have used cannabis for quite some time and are returning to it. Any vape cartridge and battery will get the job done, but personally, for someone new to using one Airo Pro or PAX Era pens are super user friendly.

  • Airo Pro features a magnetic drop-in cartridge as well as button-free activation which makes it fool-proof to use. All you need to do is inhale, and the vibration lets you know when it’s working. Just make sure it is charged (USB charging cord is included).
  • PAX Era is a smooth hitter with a sleek design for the tech savvy mom. It has Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to change temperature or lock the device from your phone.

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3. Tinctures – Variety

 Tinctures are a popular option for people who want to enjoy cannabis without inhaling. A tincture is a liquid that goes under your tongue to be absorbed. They act a little quicker than edibles but tend to not hit so strongly. Depending on the base, tinctures can also be added to water or food instead of being taken under the tongue. The numerous tinctures available provide options for a variety of experiences: sativa Lifestyle tinctures to encourage a good mood, Deep Sleep tinctures to help her catch some ZZZs, or CBD tinctures for overall wellness.

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Dragon Balm Roll on Stick in purple daisies4. Topicals – Ceres Dragon Balm

Quite possibly the favorite of the list, everybody, and their mom (ha) loves topicals. These wonder creams are not created to get people high but have exploded in popularity due to their theraputic effects on muscles and joints. Dragon Balm from Ceres is one of our most popular topicals used by every type of person from ultramarathon runners to Sunday strollers and everyone in between. Dragon Balm has a similar consistency to Tiger Balm and in addition to its cannabinoid profile, this balm features camphor oil, menthol, and cocoa butter. Pro tip: for Mother’s Day weekend we have taken 15% off all topicals at all locations!

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5. Freddy’s Fuego Flower – Layer Cake, Larry Cake, Breath Mints, LA Cookies

Freddy’s Fuego is a top shelf grower suitable for any cool mom who isn’t shy about liking the ganja. Flowers are nice to look at, but these flowers are much more effective at brightening her mood. If your mom enjoys a bowl or a joint, any frosty, sticky bud from Freddy’s will be a hit. Some moms just want some good weed for Mother’s Day, this one is for them. Pro Tip: For Mother’s Day weekend when you get 3 or more grams of Freddy’s Fuego, enjoy them for 15% off!

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She’s your mom, and like you she’s stuck at home. Each of these gifts has a strong likelihood of making her day.

Stay safe.


Written by: Nikki Marangon

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