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How to put together a face-shield from

This year 420 was a little different. Not just for us at Evergreen Market, but across the cannabis industry. Of course, there were sales. There was also consistent messaging to not crowd stores, respect social distancing, and keep safety the priority. Furthermore, as a company we made the decision to focus on giving back to the healthcare workers on the frontline. We dedicated a portion of proceeds from sales over 420 weekend to purchase medical face shields for healthcare workers. While they are doing the most to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, they are also directly in harm’s way. Personal protective equipment (PPE) for doctors and nurses have steadily become harder to find.

Armorshield.ord medical faceshield


The face shields being manufactured by for personal protection against coronavirus.


Our goal was to purchase 100 medical face-shields from to donate by using a portion of proceeds from April 17 – April 20,2020. Thanks to our amazing customers, we were able to beat our goal and distribute 170 in total. is an incredible nonprofit that was formed when a manufacturer of car parts in Bellevue recognized the need to create a solution to the PPE shortage. As the need for protective equiptment outgrew supply, they were able to work with medical professionals to design a face-shield that protects from exposure.

Valley Medical Center, Harrison Medical Center, Multicare Good Samaritan, and St. Elizabeth Hospital have all received face-shields, along with Transpara Health who is rolling out COVID-19 testing to all their locations to help with demand.

Donating face-shields at Valley Medical Center


Dropping off face-shields to Valley Medical in Renton, WA.


We would like to say a huge thank you to anyone who stopped in to support our efforts in this. We hope you had an excellent (and safe) 420, knowing that your purchase helped out during these difficult times. If you would like to donate to Armorshield directly you can do so through Paypal by clicking here.

And wash your hands!

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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