Face Masks as Cannabis Strains

Face masks (or at the least face coverings) are being encouraged or required at many of the places we go throughout our day to day. While it isn’t most people’s favorite thing to wear, it does more to prevent the spread of COVID than not wearing one does. As such, you will be noticing your favorite Evergreen Market staff will be donning their face masks on shift to help keep everyone safe. Likewise, we strongly encourage our customers to wear a mask or covering when visiting our stores.

To bring a little light to the situation, we hope you enjoy our list of face masks as cannabis strains.

blue medical face mask

Blue Dream

The blue disposable medical mask is the one most people tend to picture as the standard mask. It’s lightweight and serves its purpose without smothering the wearer. Blue Dream is often the ‘ol reliable strain people go to. It’s effects are enjoyed by cannabis vets and those new to weed alike, however to some with more exotic tastes it may be seen as overrated.

This picture is from https://www.cleveland19.com/2020/03/23/northeast-ohio-sewing-shops-post-tutorials-show-how-make-facemasks/

face mask with clear window for lip reading

Jack Herer

If this mask were a cannabis strain, it would be Jack Herer. Not only because the uplifting effects of the strain undoubtedly give you a smile worth showing, but because the brilliant person who created this mask that includes a window to see the wearer’s mouth, was doing so for a good cause. Without the window, it is impossible for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to read lips.

This picture is from https://www.medgadget.com/2020/04/clear-face-masks-for-the-deaf-and-hard-of-hearing.html

buff used as a facemask


A mask doesn’t have to be a mask. Per the CDC’s recommendation, something that covers your nose and mouth is better than nothing at all. This has led people to get creative with what they have on hand, including Buffs like the one pictured here, or bandanas. Chemdawg is a stoner favorite with a mysterious origin story that varies from showing up out of nowhere at a Grateful Dead show to arguments over who the true breeder of the strain was. Either way, it’s creativity encouraging effects make it a fit for the Buff or bandana mask.

This picture is from https://www.onthewater.com/is-a-buff-a-good-face-mask

Plastic bottle face mask

Green Crack

Speaking of creative, makeshift masks—some have really utilized ingenuity beyond just grabbing a scarf or piece of fabric. Seeing this particular mask gave me a flashback to all those times I’ve had weed and nothing to smoke it out of. This mask is the equivalent of smoking out of a soda can, and you know what— it’s brilliant even if it’s misunderstood. That is why the soda bottle is the green crack of masks.

This picture is from https://thefunnybeaver.com/diy-face-masks-protect-corona-virus/

gas mask

OG Kush

The Godfather of kush could only be bestowed upon the most hardcore mask available. That means that OBVIOUSLY OG Kush would be an actual gas mask. Few people don’t feel the strong knocked-on-your-butt effects when they smoke some OG Kush.

This picture is from https://www.gearbeauty.com/product/8200-respirator-gas-mask-with-eye-goggle-dual-filter-dust-kn95/

louis vuitton mask

Wedding Cake

The final strain on our list is quite possibly the trendiest of all time. Wedding Cake kicked off the frenzy for dessert strains and has given way to tons of cake crosses. It was only a couple years ago that Exotikz set cannabis on fire with the highly anticipated drop of this strain. Naturally, if Wedding Cake were a face mask, it would be the Louis Vuitton x Supreme design.

This picture is from https://ordertees.net/products/lv-face-mask-louis-vuitton-face-mask-us-2020

Thanks for giving this a read! Need some help coming up with your own mask? Check out this great post from Public Health Insider found here. Above all, remember to stay safe and six feet apart.

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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