Evergreen Cup 2019 at the Lemonhaze Convention in Tacoma!

Evergreen Cup 2019 Delivers the Integrity that the Cannabis Industry Demands


The Evergreen Cup is a double blind Washington State cannabis competition


The Evergreen Cup is a double-blind cannabis competition created to celebrate the often-unsung hero of our industry, the grower. By removing the marketing, the hype, even the name of the strain— our 5 cannabis industry rockstars will go off of the pure flower experience and score each sample based only on the smoke. The Evergreen Cup 2019 awards ceremony will take place at the Lemonhaze Convention on Oct. 25th at the Tacoma Dome. All 502 employees are free to attend by registering here.

The Judges & Competitors

We hand-selected judges that were not tied to a producer/processor or a retailer in order to remain unbiased. Instead we focused on getting knowledgeable pro-cannabis influencers who carry both passion and respect for the craft that goes into good cannabis. Each judge received their samples earlier this month, along with a scorecard to rank each anonymous submission in four different categories: appearance, buzz, flavor, and smoothness. The final category that calculates into the overall score is for highest terpene content as determined by the lab results from our official Evergreen Cup Lab, Medicine Creek.

The 2019 judges line-up is:

Earlier this year, we asked the public who the best growers in Washington were. We invited the top most nominated grows to compete in the Second Annual Evergreen Cup joining 2018 champion’s Seattle’s Private Reserve.

The competitors for Evergreen Cup 2019 includes heavy hitters such as House of Cultivar, Skord, Cannavore, Hygge Farms, 1937 Farms, Trail Blazin’, Solstice, Buddy Boy Farms, and more!

The Evergreen Cup afterparty was a riot, but first we need your nominations.

Evergreen Cup 2019 Clone Master Competition

This year we are presenting two competition tracks. Grower’s Choice (where each grow submits their best in house flower) and the first ever Clone Master Competition.

Thanks to House of Cultivar’s incredible generosity, we were able to give the same cut of Purple Punch to several growers earlier this year. Our judges will determine who brought the best out of those genetics. The playing field has never been more level, and anyone could be the first Clone Master Champion.

The winner of the Evergreen Cup 2019 and the first ever Clone Master Competition will each receive a full page ad in NWLeaf, a feature on Respectmyregion.com, a cash prize, and of course, the cup!

Make sure to stick around after the Comedy Central Roast Battle at the Lemonhaze Convention at the Tacoma Dome on Oct. 25th! See who takes home the cup and claims the industries most fierce bragging rights. The ceremony is scheduled to start at 1:30pm!

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Written by: Nikki Marangon

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