Review: GLW – Safety Meeting

GLW – Safety Meeting

GLW logo of WA State

Location: Spokane, WA

Grow Method/Medium: Soil Grown

Taste: Subtle, Lemon, Outdoors

Aroma: Lighter, Pine, Airy

Mood: Relaxed, Laid-back, Social


First Impression


The nugs from Safety Meeting are just as dense are they are frosty

The bud was so beautiful and frosty you could tell it looked like fire before even opening the jar. The nugs that GLW produced didn’t want to be pulled apart, breaking them down was a fight against density. Safety Meeting from GLW is heady and heavy with a quick onset. Energetic would be a strong word for the initial high, but not incorrect. I didn’t want to run laps around the block, but I did find it very easy to engage in conversation, music, and writing after smoking Safety Meeting.

The word around the shop from other staff members was resoundingly good so I had expectations set before even picking up my eighth. It’s not a surprise that the strain sold out pretty quickly and now can only be picked up at our North Renton Evergreen Market store on Rainier Ave.

10 Minutes in…

I picked up a case of dry mouth after smoking Safety Meeting from GLW, but nothing unbearable. The intensity of the high didn’t subside for quite some time after the last puff from the bowl. Although the high was super enjoyable, I was left with wanting more when it came to flavor and aroma.

Safety Meeting was a well-chosen name for this strain. It begs to be smoked in a circle with friends.

Final Verdict

This is the perfect strain to pick up for an afternoon weekend sesh. I was fine with loading bowl after bowl and catching up with my roommate who just got back from Alaska. I love smoking cannabis as an accessory to connecting and Safety Meeting was the perfect pairing for it.

Scoop some up for yourself while it’s in stock at our North Renton store and see if your friends want to schedule a Safety Meeting!

Written by: Nikki Marangon


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