Top 5 Recommended Cannabis Products for Seniors

The 5 Best Cannabis Products for Seniors

One of the fastest growing segments of cannabis consumers is the seniors. As we get older, we often deal with stiff or sore joints, dry skin, difficulty going to sleep, issues with appetite, and more. Let’s not forget that cannabis is also good for finding some relaxation and enjoyment, too. With education at the forefront of our mission, Evergreen Market is happy to provide a few of our top recommended cannabis products for seniors.

  1. Dragon Balm from Ceres

Dragon Balm is one of the cannabis industry’s most popular cannabis topicals. With its soothing, non-psychoactive effects, it’s on the must have list of cannabis products for seniors. It utilizes a blend of camphor oil, menthol, and cannabinoids to create a soothing experience that really penetrates the skin. Its effectiveness can be credited to Ceres’ nano-emulsion technology. Thanks to nano-emulsion, the core ingredients of Dragon Balm are broken down to such small particles that the bio-availability of the product is maximized. This means your body can make the most of everything this product has to offer.

Great for: Stiff joints, sore muscles, tension

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  1. Deep Sleep Tincture or Capsules from Fairwinds

Difficulty sleeping isn’t strictly a problem for seniors, but it is a common one. A bad night’s sleep can ruin your mood, increase your stress, make you irritable, and put you in a fog. Fairwinds Deep Sleep has captured a formula to help encourage sleep that lasts. By combining chamomile, cannabis, and a blend of other herbal extracts with an avocado oil base, Deep Sleep absorbs quickly and effectively. The best part is whether you take it in a capsule form or a faster acting liquid tincture, your good night’s sleep won’t leave you groggy the next day.

Great for: Trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep

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  1. Flyright CBD Patch from Mobius

This ultra-discreet patch blends in with your skin when applied. The effects hang around nicely for around 4-8 hours depending on your individual body chemistry. This is a great option for another sleeping aid, particularly if the cause for sleeping difficulty is inflammation or discomfort. Flyright CBD Patches from Mobius is also the perfect option for someone looking for full body relaxation. With minimal THC, the benefits of CBD are delivered without overwhelming psychoactive effects. The patch is applied to a venous area of the body (inside of the wrist is preferred) and absorbed by the skin.

Great for: Trouble staying asleep, body relaxation, end-of-day unwinding

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  1. Blue Dream Flower from Artizen

Blue Dream is an old reliable for most cannabis enthusiasts and a perfect option for someone just starting out or making their grand return to cannabis. The strain provides a nice fun buzz without getting the you too amped up or in your own head. Artizen grows their flower in a state-of-the-art facility in Lacey, Washington with some of the highest standards in the 502 industry. Blue Dream from Artizen is one of the most consistent buds on the market. There’s comfort in knowing exactly what you’re getting into each time you enjoy it. Blue Dream provides a fun, elevated experience for the more adventurous senior.

Great for: Recreation, fun, relaxing

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  1. 5:1 Ginger Mints from Moxey Mints

Moxey Mint’s 5:1 ginger mints are a ratio of CBD:THC in a micro-dose serving. These mints aren’t going to send you off to time travel, but they will let your body relax and your mind feel at ease. Each mint contains 5mg of CBD and 1mg of THC making for a great balance that promotes contentment and zen. Each tin of Moxy Mints comes with 20 pieces to keep to yourself or share the experience.

Great for: Inflammation, relaxation, anxiety

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Stop by and ask any questions!

Although that’s the last item on our list of cannabis product recommendations for seniors, there are plenty more options to explore. We highly encourage stopping in and talking to a budtender or educator about where you are in your cannabis journey, and what it is you would like cannabis to do for you. Want to take a look at the selection before making the trip? Our online menu makes it easy to see what’s in stock. Click here and select your store to see the current inventory.

Written by: Nikki Marangon


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