Microdabbing is the New Microdose

 Microdab is the New Microdose: Dabbing with a Newbie

dabbing microdose
Dabbing concentrates or hash oils is becoming more mainstream, but how should you start? Small!

With cannabis technology evolving daily, staying current with the latest way to elevate can be difficult. What’s more, products on the market sometimes resemble nothing you ever smoked back in the 60’s or even a decade ago. Recreational cannabis is evolving at such speeds, it may be hard to keep up, so we are here to help make your journey with marijuana enjoyable, enlightening and beneficial.

When it comes to dabbing, or vaporizing concentrate THC, it may be even more daunting. Through minor research online you will stumble upon more videos than you could imagine of full gram hits, snake dabs and and the perfect examples of what NOT to do your first time dabbing, intimidating the novice and still not educating the newbie, either.

What I have found through years of experimentation and practice is that if it is amazing, you won’t need much. I have taken a dank hit, gone off to do a chore or task only to realize I am that focused from just one hit because it was some chronic.

Same goes for certain edibles. For example, Kronic Tonic makes a Brain Power Tincture that most will only need about 5 mg for a “dose” even though the state recommends 10mg to be a serving. There are many reasons for this, with Kronic Tonic making tinctures using an alcohol extraction method, this intensifies the onset and high compared to other methods, at least in my personal experience.
dabbing recreational cannabis
This is a huge dab and not meant for a beginner!

For dabbing, you want to start with something so small, you may think it is silly to dab that. That is a good place to start. As they say, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle, so adding more as you go is the best way to stay in charge of your high, making it an enjoyable experience throughout.

By definition, microdosing is using a meniscal amount providing favorable results without any negative side affects due to over-consumption.

I remember my first time dabbing, learning that taking what might seem like a spec of dust, was similar to smoking a full gram of flower to the face. With that in the back of my mind, I started small in the beginning. Although I can take a pretty large dab, I still get beneficial results from a microdab, proving that this method is accurate regardless of your tolerance.

To get the real opinion and experience of a newbie, we scouted one of our newest team members, assistant manager Oscar, to try dabbing for his very first time.

“Initially, there’s this pause that happens in my mind when I think about dabbing. I have seen some intense videos. ‘Am I about to be that stoned?’ Especially not having dabbed before and seeing everyone who has dabbed before, maybe sweating. I don’t need to sweat unless I’m at the gym,  but I’m open to it, I want to try it and see how high I get, I’m just nervous about the quantity.”

My rule has always been, if you think it is too small, perfect! Start there, add more later if needed. You probably want your first dab to look like a flake of pepper. It may look very small compared to quantity of bud you have smoked prior, but because this is concentrated THC it has a much higher potency than bud alone.

Throughout the experience we discussed a few deterrents, identifying the main two being the blow torch to heat up the nail, as well as the insane videos online of individuals dabbing larger than life quantities.
“It’s going to be YouTube videos, definitely. Youtube videos or videos on social media of people just taking ridiculous dabs that are trying to show off, it can be overwhelming if you don’t ever do it. I see that. I have been dabbing for awhile and I can just tell that if  I would have never smoked that would be intimidating.” –Taylor, budtender at The Evergren Market on why the public may be nervous to try dabbing.
“That’s intimidating too. Because what drugs do you do that need a blow torch ? Drugs you don’t want to be doing, so that can be intimidating.” -Ryan, budtender at The Evergreen Market on using a blow torch.
dabbing recreational cannabis
Some dab tools… a dabber and the torch! Plus make sure you have a great concentrate, we chose a distillate for the purity.

Oscar tried a sativa and indica dabs. He described the indica experience with an instant warm feeling throughout his body. The sativa dab had a much more cerebral effect, opening up his eyes and awakening the energy from the sedative and relaxing aftermath of the indica dabs.
After the sativa dab he mentioned he felt like the experience had just started and he was still totally sober. Sativa has that affect on some!
“For it being my first time, definitely the anxiety or the fear of dabbing was there. But every dab, the hit was good, and each dab evolved into a better high. I would say it was a positive experience. If you micro dab in the right portions, you’re going to enjoy it, you are going to want to dab. I myself, am a newbie who looks forward to his next dab and seeing how much I can grow it, even though it’s very early state to say that,it’s true. It’s good!” -Oscar, assistant manager at The Evergreen Market.

Are you interesting in dabbing? We are here to help! Stop in any of our three locations to speak with our bud tenders and educators on different methods and options, our Knowledge Bar is the perfect place to take a seat and learn about this magical plant.

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Written By: Masha Brown

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