CBD Cocktails are Here!

CBD Cocktails are Here!

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The future of cannabis is here with CBD cocktails in the comfort of your home or local restaurant!

Anyone flocking down south for a much-needed escape from the Pacific Northwest gloom can have something else to look forward to besides the endless sunshine and celebrity sightings- cannabis cocktails!

legal cannabis 420 foodie
Cheers from Gracias Madre in Weho Los Angeles.

That’s right! Now being featured under High Vibes of their drink menu, Gracias Madre, an organic Mexican  restaurant in LA’s West Hollywood neighborhood features three delectable and varying cannabis beverages. Before you get overly excited, these are purely CBD and alcohol cocktails, so no psychoactive THC properties, but the relaxation provided from the liquor and CBD was the perfect mix for mindful consumption.

Order of consumption recommended, if trying all three! (The order I consumed…)

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The Sour T-iesel containing tequila blanco, lime, agave, mint, matcha, aquafaba & CBD oil.

Stoney Negroni

420 foodie legal marijuana
The Stoney Negroni was a mix of gin, carpano, turin aperitivo, port wine, orange oil & CBD oil.

Rolled Fashioned

420 foodie legal cannabis
The Rolled Fashioned contained mezcal anejo, bourbon, housemade sarsaparilla, aromatic bitters, and CBD oil.

My favorite part of this experience is what I believe it means for the future of this industry, and the cannabis culture as a whole. My hope is that more restaurants, bars and venues start featuring cocktails and foods containing cannabis, THC or CBD.

420 foodie legal marijuana
Some of the ingredients needed to make the magic happen at Gracias Madre.

What did I expect? To be honest, I had no clue. But I was excited to see what they offered; the presentation alone blew me away! From the matcha pot leaf on my first drink, to the orange peel with a ‘Puff, Puff, Pass’ description stamped into the zest on my second, or the mini churro in a dime bag attached to my third, each drink had a different terpene profile and experience associated with each sip.

420 foodie legal cannabis
The presentation for these drinks was super cool, especially loved the time put into stamping ‘Puff, Puff, Pass’ into orange zests put on all Stoney Negroni drinks.

My favorite drink was theSou r T-iesel that had a sharp, upfront flavor of lime, tequila and a slightly bitter taste of matcha sprinkled on top in the shape of a pot leaf. The flavors were creamy, a little chalky, in the most tasty way, with a warm burn afterwards, deep in my chest- I loved it!

420 foodie legal cannabis
My favorite drink was the Sour T-iesel, with a sharp lemon flavor balanced well by the matcha.

What does this mean for the future of cannabis?

We can only hope this marks the beginning of a new era, with cannabis restaurants, beverages and dinner parties popping up around the country, of course making their debuts in states where cannabis is already legalized.

Huge Thanks to the staff and chefs of Gracias Madre for making such an incredible dining experience, and cannabis cocktail journey!


We recently hosted the very first Cannabis & Wine Dinner in Washington State, read about that experience HERE!

Can’t make it down to Los Angeles any time soon? Don’t worry! You can make your own CBD or THC beverages in the comfort of your own home!

We recommend using Craft Elixir, Mirth, Zoot Drops or Winterlife.

420 foodie washington cannabis
The perfect berry martini with Craft Elixirs for an evening nightcap!
420 foodie legal cannabis
Make a Kush Royale at home with sparkling wine and your favorite Craft Elixir syrup. You only need a capful per drink!
420 foodie legal cannabis
Make your favorite drink at home with your favorite mix!
420 foodie legal pot
We love making a Moscow Mule with Mirth Lemon Ginger and Ginger grass Craft Elixir.
420 foodie washington cannabis
Mirth Lemon Ginger Martini, anyone?

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Here is our favorite recipe for the Evergreen Aviator!

420 foodie legal cannabis
The Evergreen Aviator is the signature cannabis cocktail of The Evergreen Market, featured at our Cannabis & Wine Dinner.

Evergreen Aviator

1 oz fresh lemon juice
1 oz Elderflower liqueur
1 oz gin
1 capful of Blueberry Craft Elixir
Lemon twist garnish

420 foodie cannabis legal pot

Want more recipe ideas?

Watch our Weed Snob TV Episode where we make 3 cannabis cocktails with our founder, Eric Gaston!


Written By: Masha Brown

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