3 Easy & Energizing Cannabis Products

 Energizing Cannabis Products for Springtime Activities

Vape on the go disposable co2 pen
Vaping has never been so easy! An energizing and easy cannabis product for anywhere you are.

Spring has sprung and we know for many this is an awakening time of the year, to brighten your home, mind and body! Springtime means flowers blooming, gardening, hiking those trails, and starting a project you may have been avoiding. Here are 3 energizing cannabis products we suggest trying if you are looking for a burst of creativity, vigor or ease to elevate when you are out there enjoying everything springtime has to offer!

cannabis energy drink
One of these is all you need to tackle any of those project you have been waiting to start!

Zoots Blast

Blast away into productivity! With 10 mg or 30 mg options, this is a great liquid edible for a novice or an avid consumer. Because it comes in a single dose or triple strength, anyone can find benefit from this yerba mate drink. For the taste, we will be honest, shoot it down like a shot and you will have no problems. The affects will be worth the taste!


cannabis coffee weed
If you had to choose between coffee or weed, you wouldn’t with this one. Have both in one, with Trainwreck crossed with NY City Diesel!

Artizen Allen Wrench

We carry this strain in flower, prerolls or cartridges and it is dubbed the ‘coffee of weed.’ If you want to feel like superman or woman, uplifted, energized and unstoppable, this is the strain for you! With dense nugs that have a deep skunk smell with added whiffs of lemon and pine, Allen Wrench is what you want when you need to feel sharp as a tool! Sometimes one hit is all you need to get the day going…


No button co2 vape pen
Raw CO2 Oil in this small and easy to use pen, makes vaping anytime that much easier.

Lit Disposable Vape Pen

We love this little guy because of the size, discretion and the punch it packs! You can choose them in sativa, indica or hybrid depending what works best for you. The small size fits in the palm of your hand and makes discreet tokin’ a breeze. It is also handy when you are busy but need some lift, it can fit in almost any pocket and has no button, so all you have to do is inhale!


Allen Wrench legal cannabis
Grab a preroll and spark up anytime you need a ‘pick me up’ smoke!


Disposable Co2 Vape Pen
Wherever your journey takes you, make sure you are LIT!


energizing cannabis products
Need to tackle a mountain? Or a mountain of projects? Drink this and get motivated!

There are many products we could recommend, and we chose these three for the high, ease and availability; they are reliable staples in the store’s inventory!

Come down to our shops, chat with our budtenders and relax at our Knowledge Bar. If you are looking to take the time to find the best product for you- you have found the right shop. The Knowledge Bar is filled of educational cannabis literature for you to dive deep into strain information and genetics.

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Happy Spring!

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cannabis weed
Enhance the connection with cannabis and cannabis products like lubricants and body oils.

Written By: Masha Brown

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