1937 Farms Virtual Smoke Sesh

We know it’s been a pretty isolating year, and we’ll be honest. We miss you

We’ve teamed up with 1937 Farms and Cannabis Professionals Network to bring you the chance to join in on a Virtual Smoke Sesh with 1937 Farms! 

We will be releasing an order of limited-edition eighths from 1937 Farms on 2/22/2021

These special eighths will have a QR code under their caps that will tell you whether you’re a winner or not. Winners will be able to join in on a Virtual Smoke Sesh with the 1937 Farms team and light up with the owners/growers of the weed! 

The Sesh is scheduled for March 19th, 2021 over zoom. 

If you’re a winner, the deadline to register for the event is March 12th. You’ll receive the zoom link only if you register. 

Don’t want to miss a single detail? Make sure you’re following @cannabisprofessionalsnetwork and @1937farms on instagram!

And of course, good luck! 

*Odds of winning are 50 in 120. Subject to change. Winners must be 21 or older to register for the virtual sesh. 1937 Farms virtual smoke sesh ‘Pass the Dutchie’ is produced and hosted by Cannabis Professionals Network. Evergreen Market and it’s affiliates are simply selling the special edition eighths and are not to be held liable for terms and conditions regarding ‘Pass the Dutchie’ virtual sesh.