Sugarfoot Boutique – Black Owned Business Spotlight

Viola is the owner of Sugarfoot Boutique in Renton very near our North Renton Evergreen Market location. Sugarfoot specializes in custom clothing as well as unique stylish pieces easy to order from their website. Whereas Viola does her business based off of her client’s needs— not just what her inventory looks like. 

We went through Sugarfoot for our New Year swag for our staff. Viola knocked it out of the park with the grey sweats, grey beanie, and black masks we ordered for the team—all with our Smoke Circle loyalty program logo. Even beyond the swag itself, working with her was a joy. Viola made the best use of our budget all the while ensuring we were getting exactly what we were looking for. 

Photo Courtesy of Viola Esdaille

How it Started

Sugarfoot first started as an online business in 2011. The demand was so large that in 2018 Viola made the decision to open up a storefront. “It has always been a dream and passion of mine to have my own shoe store to provide stylish shoes at a reasonable price.” The growth of the business came naturally. “As we began to expand to the accessory market and add items based on customer requests, we became a full boutique.”  

I asked Viola what the most popular products she carries are, which wasn’t as straightforward to answer as you might think. “As you know, retail product demand goes in cycles. Right now, some of our more popular items are in our comfort and style section. Our customers love our customized hoodies, sweaters, and tee’s.” With the winter season now melting away into Spring, there may be another turn in the cycle on the horizon.  

Renton Community

Being very familiar with Renton myself, I wanted to hear what Viola’s favorite part of being a Renton business owner was. Viola answered, “Renton has such a diverse community. In our small business park alone, you can see the inclusiveness of cultures that make up this community and I absolutely love that!” Culture and inclusiveness are not only found outside Sugarfoot, but within the shop as well. Some of Viola’s most prominent features on are fashionable pieces celebrating African American lives and culture. “Our goal is that Sugarfoot can continue to expand while being innovative and pliable with the changing climate. It is so important to me now more than ever that our community has businesses that represent and support African American culture, portraying them in a successful and positive light.” This importance carries beyond the retail cycles mentioned earlier. You can count on Sugarfoot to supply statement fashion to be proud of all year long. 

“Our desire as a business is to offer quality products at reasonable prices. Everyone deserves to be able to shop and receive products that not only represent the essence of who they are, but be able to shop and know that these products where thoughtfully procured.” We wholeheartedly agree, Viola. 

Browse online at or stop by Sugarfoot’s brick and mortar boutique near our North Renton dispensary on Rainier Ave! 

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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