Pizza Addict – Black Owned Business Spotlight

Candice Sweet is one of the proud owners of Pizza Addict, alongside her husband, Shon Sweet. This Pizza joint has been running for five years strong. Located in Renton, WA, Pizza Addict serves hot and fresh pizzas, tacos, gyros, and more. Pizza Addict is a multicultural family business that has brought together inspirations from their backgrounds to create a unique menu. Candice Sweet is Black, her husband Shon Sweet is White, and their combined household of 7 daughters also includes Mexican decent. We were able to reach out to Candice to ask her a few questions about Pizza Addict and where their story had begun.

Candace and husband, Shon
Photo Courtesy of Candace Sweet

How it Started

Pizza Addict began from a wood fire pizza oven that Candice and her husband would often use to make the family pizzas. Her husband had always wanted to open a pizza restaurant. After seeing a post of a fried pizza crust from Shon’s cousin in New York, they decided to create their own fried pizza crust. Candice shared with us what started it all, “[Shon] showed his cousin the picture of our crust that we made and was in shock we could do that, so he made us an offer we couldn’t refuse, and that was to be our financial backer if we would do all the labor work to make it successful. Here we are five years later, making amazing pizza, tacos, gyros, and more!”

Food Inspired by Family

The most popular items on their menu are the four meat pizza, Brawlers pizza, and Hawaiian Deluxe. I like their menu because they are not just serving you delicious pizza, but they also have fresh tacos and gyros! Perfect combo for when those munchies start to kick in! “This mixture of cultures is one of the reasons we decided to expand our menu and make Birria Pizzas, Tacos, and Tortas. Shon and I always cook in the kitchen together and love eating all types of food. So it’s nice to be able to expand our menu.” Pizza Addict has various options to satisfy those cravings, whether on your lunch or even for dinner when you don’t feel like cooking.

We asked Candice, what is your wish for 2021? She responded that their desire for 2021 is to get their name out there, break-even or profit while continuing to make a delicious pizza. Pizza Addict is one of the hottest pizza spots in Renton. If you haven’t tried them out yet, you are missing out. What started out as a dream and a wood fire pizza oven became a reality and a living for the Sweet family. It is empowering to see a strong multicultural family come together to build such a genuine business from the ground up. Stop by the Pizza Addict and get your fix!


1250 SW 43rd St Suit D2, Renton, WA 98057


Monday – 11AM–3PM

Tuesday – 11AM–7PM

Wednesday – 11AM–7PM

Thursday 11AM–7PM

Friday – 10AM–8PM

Saturday – 4–8PM

Sunday – Closed

Written by: Anna Pogi

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