Review: ZoZ Cannabis – Purple Cat Piss

ZoZ Cannabis – Purple Cat Piss

Location: Mt. Vernon, WAZoZ Cannabis Logo that's incorporated all over the packaging of this brand

Taste: Smooth, Spicy, Gas

Aroma: Skunky, Earthy, Chemical

Mood: Happy, Giggly, Relaxed

First Impression

The first impression with ZoZ Cannabis really starts before you even decide to buy it. No matter what shelf ZoZ Cannabis incorporates thoughtful packing into their’s on the packaging for ZoZ Cannabis’ weed is impossible to miss. It was clearly designed with being eye catching in mind which in the cannabis market nowadays, is vital to survive.

The silhouette of the packaging for Purple Cat Piss, or any ZoZ Cannabis strain, forces it to stand out in a sea of mylar bags and labeled glass jars. The black sleeve over the jar is full of details from the all over print inside to the black color that helps prevent light from degrading the cannabis inside. The jar itself is free of labels or adhesive and ready for you to go ahead and recycle when you’re finished. The extra larger lid on top houses a boveda pack tucked inside to help the humidity within the jar.

This is probably the most I’ve ever written about packaging, but after having this with me for a little bit, I noticed the reaction was the same anytime I grabbed it to load a bowl. The people around me noticed and got really excited to try it whether they had heard of ZoZ Cannabis or not.

The cherry on top was that Purple Cat Piss did not underdeliver. The stink leaked out of the jar as soon as I opened it. I shared a joint of it with a friend of mine the first night I brought it home and after two puffs they got up and I think forgot we were smoking a joint. We ended up outside in during a nice twilight with my dogs running around. It was a notably enjoyable relaxing haze and hanging out in the backyard ended up fitting perfectly.

10 Minutes in…

ZoZ Cannabis includes a boveda pack to control the humidity in the jar.The high started in behind my eyes relatively quickly. There’s not really any sedation, but rather relaxation and ease. Perfect to smoke before a walk or a fun night out. Not high octane, but the uppity of the Cat Piss genetics is only subdued by the Purps, not neutralized. Enjoyable smoke all the way through.

Final Verdict

I heard about ZoZ Cannabis thanks to instagram awhile ago and even without having tried them I supported their focus on diversity, equality, and inclusivity. I was excited when I saw Evergreen Market would be carrying them and it didn’t take long for me to pick up some for myself. With smart design, a courageous brand approach, and growers of some super dank, I’m happy to say ZoZ Cannabis is currently one of the game’s finest.

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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