Review: Zoots – Kooki Dough Blondie Bites

Zoots – Kooki Dough Blondie Bites

zoots logo is recognized in both WA and CO markets.

Location: Seattle, WA

Method of Infusion: Distillate/CO2

Taste: Exactly like chocolate chip cookie dough

Mood: Relaxed, Sleepy, Ready to watch a movie

Zoots Edible Company

Zoots is one of the cannabis industry’s most consistent edibles companies. They operate in both Washington State as well as colorado. With Zoots it’s easy to dose with no surprises and they don’t shy away from playing with THC or CBD levels. This company has remained ahead of the curve by staying inventive, delicious, and listening to what their customers want. Zoots is one of the few processors to put out a variety pack of hard candies with varying THC/CBD ratios.

blondie cookie dough snacks by zoots great for relaxingThe maximum allowed dosage per serving in Washington State is 10mg. Obviously, this is one of the biggest factors that determine price. Zoots as a company does a killer job of giving their loyal consumers options– snickerdoodles that are 5mg a piece if you feel like leaning towards microdosing, brownies that are the standard 10mg, hard candies that have all different levels & ratios which you can customize to your mood, or beverage enhancers that come in a concentrated 100mg (10 serving) bottle and allows you to infuse your drink to just the level you like.

Though it’s difficult to go wrong with anything under the Zoots brand, my personal favorite are the blondie kooki dough bites. Let. Me. Tell. You.

Kooki Dough Blondie Bites

Each blondie comes individually wrapped in child resistant plastic. Don’t try to impress anyone, that plastic is most easily defeated with the help of scissors. As far as appearance goes, these treats are a square of sweetness & chocolate chips. Each bite is enjoyably soft. The magic about this edible is that the name is seriously specific. They don’t taste like chocolate chip cookies, they distinctly taste like cookie dough. (Don’t worry, there’s no raw eggs or salmonella!) The bite itself is tender without being too crumbly.

Zoots blondies are the perfect adventure for not leaving your house.The second serving that came in the pack I got creative with and put in the microwave for 5-10 seconds. This edible went to the next level! Gooey, delicious, and better than most infused cookies you find on the market. There was no ‘biscuit’ texture. I love cookies like they are MEANT to be– soft! Not dehydrated or hard to bite like I’ve experienced with some 502 industry cookies

Even if there wasn’t any weed in them, I could easily eat a whole 6 pack box of Zoots blondie bites. They’re fantastic just how they come, but if you want to really treat yourself then heat it up for a few seconds in the microwave. If you’re feeling really adventurous, grab some vanilla ice cream and slap them together like mini ice cream sandwiches

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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