Review: Dank Czar – Super Silver Haze

Dank Czar – Super Silver Haze

Location: Arlington, WADank Czar logo

Extraction Method: Butane

Taste: Earthy, Woodsy, Smooth

Aroma: Fresh cut wood

Mood: Energized, Social, Awake

First Impression

Close up of the THC diamond and terpene caviar from Dank CzarGetting this review going was no issue at all. I’m historically a fan of Super Silver Haze whether in flower or oil, particularly due to it’s ‘awake’ factor. SSH makes for a solid choice for any active stoner. Don’t get me wrong, it would slay in a low impact friend session, but it’s not a bad idea to be prepared with something to do. To speak more directly to the product, Dank Czar is doing the oil game right. Everything about this gram was delightful.

The THC diamonds soaked in terpenes are picture-worthy. Next time you have the chance, look at the bottom of the jar and take in the crystal and gold beauty. I heard about the hash that Dank Czar was putting out before I saw it on our shelves for myself and based off of this Super Silver Haze, they live up to the hype. The effect came on quickly (one of the glories of dabbing) and immediately I was energized. I smoked it at a cool 595 degrees fahrenheit. It delivered a nice round flavor experience, smooth hit, and just enough heat. The flavor profile took me a minute to place before having an ‘a-ha!’ moment and pinpointing the distinct fresh wood. The taste was earthy, but had a rugged honey aspect, and freshness. Like a big, deep breath in the woods after a fall rain.

10 Minutes from First Hit

Dank Czar melts beautifully with any kind of dab rig.A little bit of spaciness came and went, but more in waves that didn’t stick around as opposed to blocks of time feeling zoned out. The intense heady effects started to even out pretty quickly but the high was still there. Closer to the half hour mark the munchies hit pretty fiercely. I still felt productive and energized but focus is something that left relatively quickly. Maybe don’t use Super Silver Haze’s energizing abilities on something with a deadline. Like a high functioning hippie, this high deserves to have it’s gusto untethered from time restraints and stress.

Final Verdict

Next time you need to clean your house, pick this up. It pairs well with nostalgic 90’s music. After you’ve finished and your house is sparkling, treat yourself to a pizza. Next time I have a hike planned I will be picking up some Super Silver Haze from Dank Czar and heading to the woods.

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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