“What’s new?”

At Evergreen Market, our customers ask on a daily basis “What’s new ?”

That is a great question. In this very GREEN and fast growing industry, WE, as cannabis connoisseurs have the opportunities to enjoy a variety of different products. Almost everyday, you can see a new product pop up or a new hybrid strain by your favorite farm. I personally have had the pleasure of enjoying everything from THC infused Orange Soda to the most amazing flower that will surprise the nose every time you open the jar.

“What’s new?” I’m glad you asked. Edibles are a great way to enjoy cannabis. We recently added new products to our wide variety of THC and CBD edibles. Two that stand out, are the Marmas 1:1 and Canna Burst fruit chews. The Marmas are made by Northwest Cannabis Solutions. They are a square gummy edible that tastes amazing and will cure any sweet tooth. The 1:1 CBD THC ratio Marmas are great for pain relief and relaxation. Canna Burst are one of the newest edibles offered at Evergreen Market. They are tiny 10mg THC squares. They come in five flavors and are available in sativa, hybrid, and indica. One to two will have most feeling like they are on mini vacation.

Our customers can keep up to date by checking our Evergreen Market online menu. If an item intrigues your cannabis receptors, you are just steps away from placing an order that will be waiting for you at the Express Window. Be sure to remember your valid ID or valid driver’s license and cash. Our location on 409 Rainier Ave N in Renton now accepts cards. Be sure to stop by and ask your Evergreen Market budtender “What’s new?” We are happy to show you our favorites!

By Educator – David Tucker