Evergreen Market Tours Fireline & Interviews Chef Jeremy Cooper

Chef Jeremy Cooper of Fireline Cannabis
Meet Chef Jeremy Cooper, the mastermind behind the new edible line Fireline Cannabis is getting ready to release this month.

They say if you can’t stand the heat, you better get out of the kitchen!

Well, we wanted to know about all the heat Fireline Cannabis has been creating and were finally granted a tour inside their facility and kitchen.

The Evergreen Market & Fireline Cannabis
The Evergreen Market tours Fireline Cannabis and their new edibles kitchen, led by Executive Chef Jeremy Cooper.

After signing a non-disclosure agreement to the secrets we were to learn and taste, and armed with our ID tags and aprons, we entered the pristine kitchen of Chef Jeremy Cooper, Fireline’s Director of Research and Development, and the Culinary Master behind the new edible line Fireline Cannabis is releasing next week.

Inside the kitchen, sparkling counters and sounds of Willy Wonka playing in the background gave the sense we had been transported to a magical lab of sweet delights. Warm aromas of rich chocolate filled our nostrils and soon our mouths, as we experienced chocolate the way it was intended to be tasted; warm and fresh, a traditional technique used in Italy at Venchi Chocolate, a place where Chef Jeremy Cooper trained to master the historical art of making chocolates.

Fireline Cannabis branches out into the edible market thanks to Chef Jeremy Cooper.
Chef Jeremy Cooper bringing the fire with the Firecracker; a spicy chocolate being released by Fireline Cannabis later this month.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you everything we got to try, but keep your eyes open for some of the new products to hit the shelves very soon!

“I think there are a ton of amazing products out there by people who have mentored, supported and opened their doors to me over the years. I wish in no way to disrespect the legacy of Gangapreneurs that have come before me.” -Jeremy Cooper, Executive Chef

It’s clear when talking with Chef Jeremy Cooper that his concern is to the integrity of products used and created, as well as the relationships cultivated with those leading the way for cannabis legalization and legitimacy in our state, the industry and around the world.

Fireline Cannabis Makes Chocolate Edibles
When chocolate looks so good you don’t know if you should try it or just photograph it. We got lucky and did BOTH!

You may ask what differentiates Fireline edibles from others on the market?

The Answer:

Hypo-Glycemic Balanced

17 Cal.

no Fat, Non-GMO,



Bioavailable in as little as 20min

A Natural Organic Candy

(The Fireline Fire Balls)

Fireline Cannabis Makes Gummy Edible
Get ready, these gummy candies are about to bring the heat and competition to the market! These Fireline’s Fire Balls tasted phenomenally tropical and delicious.

“I have taken it on as a mission to create the best products by sourcing the best ingredients, fair trade, organic, all natural, vegan, and non-gmo. My flavoring is done one flavor at a time, not using compounding agents or free radical chemical compounds. I am pushing the envelope in nutraceuticals and cannabis development.” 

Another major focus in Chef Jeremy Cooper’s life is the spread of knowledge on the history and power of the plant through a non-profit he co-founded called Connecting America to Cannabis. Their mission is to educate the public on the possibilities cannabis brings to the market, humanity and our health. Working with mainstream organizations like the NFL, CA2C has presented Cannabis education at Century Link Stadium on multiple occasions, as well as across the nation at various events and expos. One of Cooper’s goals is to create a permanent Cannabis Museum to bring to light the real history of this plant, using the many artifacts he has found along his journey.

“With over 1000 pieces and over 100 true artifacts, the Museum will some day find its place in American Culture. In the meantime, we will travel from place to place and state to state to inspire others to not fear a plant that the government villainized to create financial gain, oppress minorities, and cripple our ability to help ourselves, one seed at a time.”

-Chef Jeremy Cooper

Speaking with Chef Jeremy Cooper opened my eyes to the responsibility we have to save our people and planet with this one plant. Hemp has the power to absorb CO2 emissions and protect our Earth from rising global temperatures, yet, cutting down naturally growing hemp stalks is creating a public health risk: to our lungs, our bodies and our future. Arbor Day is April 27th this year, but when is it Hemp Day? Although we have the ever popular 4/20 and 7/10 industry holidays, historically these days have been known to celebrate the intoxication from the plant and not necessarily its ability to heal. As we move forward with legalization, my hope is we continue lifting up this miraculous plant for its many uses, including the power to heal the hurt and sick in our living world.

“It’s truly about an experience and a culture that’s been suppressed for 100 years.”

Interview with Chef Jeremy Cooper
Check out our interview with Chef Jeremy Cooper to find out about his journey with cannabis and his plans for the future.

Interview with Chef Jeremy Cooper

What were you doing before joining the team at Fireline? Within the cannabis market and outside of it?

I’ll stick to the last 3 years.

Before team Fireline I was helping with major Cannabis events around the country and around the world, to include such amazing events as Cannacon, High Times, Hempfest, and dozens of high end VIP Parties with media, logistics, cooking shows and event support.

I still retain a formidable little company called 7Leaf Productions and we specialize in “High End” hospitality and concierge services to the Highest of the High in the Cannabis industry. 7Leaf has had the honor to serve celebrities such as Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, Ghost Face Killer, Redman, Snoop Dog, The Cast of Super Troopers, the entire cast of Friday (Including DJ Poo), countless executives, politicians and influencers, just to name a few.

“I have been blessed even more for the courageous souls that have touched my hand on my journey and guided me in my activism. Meeting and working with great people like Vivian McPeek, Bob Smart, John Davis, Kyle Kushman, Joanne Stanton McKee, Arron Justice, Ed Rosenthal, the patients, and most importantly the countless children and veterans I have met that need our plant to live. These experiences have also given me an opportunity to speak on a world stage and talk about the future technologies and opportunities beyond Washington, our Country, the World Stage, and even beyond our World itself.”

Off duty, I build bikes, electric bikes, motorcycles, drones and have a 2.5-acre farm for organic food in Seattle. I’m partnered in a community Art Gallery called Blue Cone Studios, and a community radio station with a recording studio, called Capitol Hill Records. I write children’s books, and am a real Cowboy who loves Search and Rescue work.

You know, the basics.

Favorite project you have completed while being a part of the cannabis community & industry?

I have had the honor to be part of some of the most amazing projects in the world of Cannabis.

Creating the first Cannabis Food Truck in the world, the First Cannabis Community Center Magical Butter Studios, 7Leaf Bed and Breakfast, being front and center to buying the first Cannabis in WA, not to mention all the cooking and speaking events around the world.

I think my favorite projects are never done. However, my true passion in all of this is History.

I have been collecting Cannabis History for 5 years now. It all started when I opened a box after my father’s passing and found tons of government propaganda and information on Cannabis. It contained old governmental reports, posters, articles and case studies. I was so blown away. I began reading, researching, and then buying and collecting the history that was stolen from America.

This spawned Connecting America to Cannabis. With Chelsi Pennington, my business partner and best friend I forged out to find anything and everything I could get my hands on. I collected documents, letters, tax stamps, glass, books, posters, art, original pharma cannabis bottles and extractions, and even a wooden shield from Japan that’s over 300 years old depicting the formulation of cannabis medicine. Connecting America to Cannabis has been vetted by the NFL and even featured at Century Link Field and dozens of events around the country that are not in the world of Cannabis, but main stream. This gave me the opportunity to help people make the Choice to be Pro-Choice Cannabis, allowing others to use Cannabis, Hemp and new technologies to create a greener tomorrow without interfering in there deskins to live a green health life.

What has been the biggest breakthrough in your culinary & cannabis research as of recent, and how has that affected your future work?

Well, as much as I want to tell you all about my research and break throughs, there is a ton of proprietary operations in what I do. I recently went to Vegas for a world conference on advanced nutro-chemical designs. I was all done with the show and had to stop back to grab a few samples of product when I walked by a booth covered in molecular formulation.  I stopped in my tracks, read the wall and stated to the man is that a formula for ………. he said yes, it is. After signing a few non-disclosures and secret blah blah agreements, he discussed all the formulas with me. After the meeting I found a quite off the beaten path spot and broke down crying, knowing what I had just discovered.

I’ve had many interviews over the years, and they all ask “Why are you in the industry?”

Answer: To Change the World!

What is your reason for consumption?

Well, why not… That’s a question that hits home for me. I didn’t need cannabis most of my life. I didn’t smoke until I was 36, when I started suffering from debilitating migraines that were nearly killing me. Cannabis helped greatly!

I caught a staff member with pot and was ready to fire him because of my no-tolerance drug policy, even though he had worked for me for years. But he begged me to listen.  After a long, drawn out conversation lasting weeks, I decided to give it a try and let him keep his job. I stopped smoking at one point until I moved to Washington over 5 years ago. I then got hit by a car in a hit and run while building the Magical Butter Studios and World Head Quarter in SODO. If it hadn’t been for James Lathrop owner of Cannabis City I might be dead today, for just after that I suffered a seizer that put me in coma. He got me to the hospital and saved my life.

I nearly died and kept it from the entire cannabis community. It changed me as a person. I became angry from being in pain all the time, and unable to make clear thoughts and even at the verge of a break down. Luckily, I had a compassionate team member that took me under their wings and helped treat me with CBD and so much more. The Medi-Brothers, People’s Champs, and Nana Soda, and countless friends all stepped up and got me through it.

“Cannabis then became a major focus on healing for me and drove me to who I am today.” -Jeremy Cooper

What do you think is the biggest misunderstanding society has about cannabis?

The greatest misunderstanding are the people who are portrayed in the main stream media. The media portrays cannabis consumers as stoners, burn outs, and Dabutantes, and we continue to embrace the world of pop culture more than we embrace the science.  The future of Cannabis is in the hands of the young and on the minds of the experienced and I don’t want Cannabis taken away from the next generation by big business because of our image.

Your favorite terpene and why?

I love Linalool. It calms and slows me down and helps people to understand the words that are coming out of my mouth. Most people have a difficult time communicating with an Autistic, “real” Obsessive Compulsive, Hyperactive, intellectual that studies advanced terraforming technology for fun and builds Carbon Fiber/Titanium Bikes and Drone tech for Emergency Management when bored.

If you could only share one aspect about cannabis with the world, what would you want to say?

Wake the hell up people! When you remove a plant from the eco-system that grows and produces the way cannabis and hemp does, it’s not a medical and health issue, it’s a World issue. According to Hemp Global Solutions, each ton of hemp grown represents 1.63 tons of CO2 absorption. And according to the Great Book of Hemp, an average acre of hemp will yield 5–10 tons of dried stalk that can be used for an insane amount of ecological endeavors. Plant some hemp, clean the world. Is that so damn hard? It is when money is involved. Grow up, so we can grow out of this pain we all suffer from.


Chef Jeremy Cooper of Fireline Cannabis Kitchens

Written by: Masha Brown


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