Budtender Spotlight: Wacheke

“I’m a firm believer that life is meant for the gaining and sharing of knowledge; it is through this that we will succeed.”

Upon meeting budetender Wacheke, you get a sense of calm just being around her. Loise Wacheke, who goes by her last name, is originally from Kenya, and came to United States at the early age of 7. Her drive to further educate herself on the plant and its wellness benefits is obvious in her exuberant nature with customers.

Leaving a place where the cultural understanding of cannabis comes with a very negative connotation, Wacheke spoke about how in Kenya a common misconception still is that if you smoke weed, you will die. Perhaps that is the deeply rooted reminder of how important education is and why she has focused on pursuing it with cannabis.

Learning and education other are some of Wacheke’s passions. Utilizing it as a strength even when she doesn’t have all the answers, allows her and the customer to learn something new, together.

“It’s okay not to know what you are doing. It’s ok to accept the fact that you don’t know everything about weed. Don’t hinder yourself! Don’t say I can’t start because I don’t know very much. Or make the even  braver mistake of saying I know too much so I don’t need any help. Because the first thing about knowing anything is admitting that you don’t know everything! It is an ever growing and evolving thing and it’s ok to admit that you will always be learning. That’s how the industry is growing. We are all always learning. Because if we were done learning that would be it. You would have just hit your peak and ta-da! But there is no peak in knowledge, so admit the fact that you don’t know everything, come in with an open mind, and just keep on growing!”

Wacheke’s personal interests lie in medicine and the pursuit of combining this passion with her love for cannabis. All of this encompassed with enthusiasm for education, learning and teaching others to gain a better understanding of the plant as a whole and how it can affect the individual guide her work every day.

“It’s really nice to be on the pinoneering side that is leaving a positive impact. Its nice to have a slice of happiness in our world of madness.”

One thing is clear, with bright young people pioneering this industry the sky is the limit, with possibilities as great as your imagination allows.

Interview with Wacheke

Tell us about your first cannabis experience My first official introduction happened in high school, at a friend’s BBQ at their home. It was amazing because we smoked out of different fruits. The best part for me was being introduced to “the munchies.” The munchies took my love for food and eating to a new level.

How did you get involved in the industry?

I started coming to the Auburn store as soon as I turned 21. I would come in and talk to different budtenders. One day I was asked if I was looking for a job and the rest is history.

Favorite strain and why?

My favorite strains would have to be Legalized OG by SPR and Blue Power by Fireline, for two very different reasons. The Legalized has amazing relaxing qualities, any time of the day I can rely on Legalized to get me to where I need to be. While the Blue Power hits me like a straight sativa. It’s energizing, creative, euphoric, etc. For an indica, it’s incredibly uplifting.

Favorite way to enjoy cannabis?

My favorite way to enjoy it is definitely with a nice roll up and a beautiful view. Whether that be a blunt and a hike or a joint and a spot anywhere in the beautiful PNW. I love enjoying nature with nature.

Best weed memory?

My favorite memory would have to be making edibles with my friends. We grossly underestimated our abilities, or greatly over estimated our abilities. We were all different kinds of highs and had an absolute blast.

How does your family react to your profession?

My mom was not pleased, our culture is not open to the world of weed. Thankfully, as she’s seen my love for the industry grow, she’s opened up. My mom has seen how vast and deep the industry is and she’s understanding how a simple plant can sustain an industry.

Advice for someone starting out in the cannabis industry?

It’s okay not to know everything about what’s going on. We’re all in this together; we’re forging a new way into uncharted territory. An open mind and a willingness to learn will get you far in this industry. Regardless of your knowledge or experience level, you can make your own path here.

Favorite producer/processor/grower?

My favorite producer would have to be between Seattle’s Private Reserve and Blue Roots. SPR produces a killer flower every time, it always has these big, beautiful, crystal coated nugs. Whereas Blue Roots has an amazing attention to detail and health. They may not be crystal coated but it’s always a clean flush and you can tell they are a producer that understands the importance of spending time with your flowers, talking to plants, playing them music, actual physical contact. I feel it makes a difference.

Where do I see the industry going-

It’s hard to say where I see the industry going simply because Cannabis can extend into almost every area of our lives. There are very few areas that Cannabis doesn’t already have an influence or potential to. With the right people in place there is no limit to where this industry could go.

Goals for the future?

I’m a firm believer that life is meant for the gaining and sharing of knowledge; it is through this that we will succeed. I’m looking to combine my love for knowledge and cannabis to forge a new path forward. A lot of skepticism about Cannabis comes from either a complete lack of information or an abundance of wrong information. And I would like to do what I can to change that.

 Similarities in this field/ Differences from past jobs?

To a certain degree all retail is the same: product, people and sales. The difference here is that Cannabis sells itself, that simple change makes all the difference. It allows us to place the customer first at all times. It allows us to focus on finding a solution for our customers, to take time to listen and actually care for them as people.

WeedSnob Wacheke showing off one of her favorite strains; Legalized OG by SPR.

Written By: Masha Brown

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