6 Things to do While Stoned and Broke.

You’re High, now What?

Move over, baseball! America’s new favorite pastime is a lot more hazy. Nine states so far have approved regulated cannabis for adult recreational use (and more expected to follow suit). Toking up some green is becoming a common addition to many Americans free time. For people who partake regularly it’s not a secret that cannabis makes just about anything better. This phenomenon is so universal, even pop culture references it in shows like Family Guy or movies like Pineapple Express. Lighting up some quality ganja in itself is a favorite activity of mine, but once you’re high what comes next? (Especially if you’re waiting for payday!) We’ve put together a list of 6 things to do while stoned and broke.

1. Get Active!

Although broad, this includes walking, running, biking, lifting, yoga, boxing– whatever it is that works forCannabis and running is becoming the latest get fit trend getting your blood pumping! The lazy stoner stereotype is an easy one to break. The power that cannabis can provide to a workout has been such an explosive discovery that last year even Vogue picked up on it and featured a story about California residents getting high and hitting the gym. There’s also the increasingly more known secret that a lot of UFC fighters turn to cannabis as a tool to push their pain threshold while training or fighting, in addition to those same benefits when it comes to healing afterward.

Getting active is always a good option of something inexpensive to do, but it’s undeniably better with weed. Only speaking from my personal experience, a stoned workout is over before I know it. I habitually get high before doing cardio because it allows me to put in my headphones and pick motivation out of the music. I’ll be 20 minutes in before I even realize I’m running. Another member of the Evergreen Market team smokes before trail running and in his experience using cannabis beforehand draws the endorphins out quicker resulting in an earlier onset of a “runner’s high”. For people that enjoy being active, it brings mindfulness and focus. For people that may not be so inclined to find joy in it, it allows you to bring inspiration from elsewhere and use it to continue on. This is one of the healthiest things to do while stoned and broke.

Suggested strain pairings: XJ-13, White Widow, Durban Poison

2. Eat!

Eating is a cannabis past time already, why not do it while stoned and brokeThe munchies are a real thing. As someone who has been personally victimized by a bag of doritos after a joint, I know all too well how fantastic cannabis can make food taste. Aside from what ingesting cannabis can do to your metabolism and drive for food, the headspace you may be left in is prime for things like appreciation and adventurousness. This is a magic recipe for turning at home dining into something divine. At this point, my budget restricted fiends, I would like to introduce you to http://www.myfridgefood.com. This site allows you to select what ingredients you currently have on hand and hooks you up with recipes that work with what you’ve got!

To dive into the science of why cannabis makes food so great I pulled information from an article on the topic from Yale News. Every human has an endocannabinoid system, that is the primary means of regulating homeostasis within our bodies. There are two cannabinoid receptors, and the first (CB1) is directly tied to inducing the munchies after partaking in cannabis. The interesting part is this receptor sparks a flood of specific neurons for this to happen. Plot twist? These neurons are typically the ones responsible for making us feel full and stop eating– cannabis flips the script. “It’s like pressing a car’s brakes and accelerating instead,” said Tamas Horvath, lead author on the study. Science is what makes this a great thing to do while stoned.

(Source: https://news.yale.edu/2015/02/18/mulling-marijuana-munchies-how-brain-flips-hunger-switch)

Suggested strain pairings: Skunk #1, Orange Kush, God’s Gift

3. Music!

More iconic than the Kardashians; music and cannabis is a dynamic duo as old as hemp. Music is great, music as something to do while stoned can be life changing. Cannabis doesn’t change the notes played or make you have a better sound system– the magic comes from cannabis’ impact on our individual perception.

one of the best things to do while stoned and broke is connect to musicThere is a relative consensus floating around regarding what cannabis use does to our perception of time possibly in part thanks to it’s influence on short term memory. Neurobiologist, Daniel J. Levitin, speaks to the topic in his book The World in Six Songs, “The disruption of short-term memory thrusts listeners into the moment of the music as it unfolds; unable to explicitly keep in mind what has just been played, or to think ahead to what might be played, people stoned on pot tend to hear music from note to note.” It’s a direct result of the altered state that cannabis provides that makes listening to music one of the best things to do while stoned.

A running theme through these activities is mindfulness. Cannabis helps with remaining present and accounted for in the moment. This is the optimal setting for being open and really allowing yourself to connect to lyrics, melodies, and feelings. In this moment, music is magic. Throw on your favorite playlist and spark one up. Looking for recommendations on cannabis jams? Check out the Cannabis and Music (T.E.M. Top 50) Playlist on Spotify found here!

Suggested strain pairings: Space Queen, Strawberry Cough, Amnesia

4. Make a Plan!

The sober mind can work against you sometimes when trying to be productive. Being uninspired or unmotivated are common enemies of progress. This is where cannabis comes in. Cannabis effects everyone a little differently, but there are similarities that we can generally claim come with it’s use. When we speak strain by strain it gets slightly more accurate.

In my experience the beginning of the planning phase is often the most exciting and full of possibilities. As the plan develops and gets whittled down into what will eventually be action, the momentum tends to slow. The excitement can diminish with this change in tempo. What makes planning a fit for things to do while stoned is its ability to layer focus and enthusiasm together. The added bonus of the cannabis activation ‘living in the present’ feeling seems to mute the tendency to second guess yourself. Of course, there’s a reason to double check your work but while in the forming stages not getting hung up on details helps the overall big picture.

Along with many other chemical and biological reactions, cannabis can give a general feeling of hopeful contentment. In particular, strains with a balance of CBD as well as THC seem to be right in the ballpark for that feeling. A great way to not overthink or ‘get in the weeds’ (haha) about the event or future you’re planning for is to smoke a little before sitting down and creating the path forward.

Suggested strain pairings: AC/DC, Harlequin, Pennywise

5. House or Yard Work!

This doesn’t sound fun, but add a couple bong rips and it winds up on things to do while stoned for a very good reason. I’m not saying that loading up a bowl of Hindu Kush will have you ready to spit shine your bathroom, but change the strain to Green Crack or OG Chem and you’re onto something.

a productive thing to do while stoned and broke is houseworkOur Media Specialist keeps dabs of Lemon Treat on hand for this particular reason. “It’s really uplifting, instead of bogging me down and making me go ‘ugh, I have to do laundry’— after a dab of it my attitude switches to ‘laundry! Pfft. No problem, I got this.’” The key for this particular activity is all about strain selection. Stick with something known for heady, cerebral effects that don’t lock you to the couch and you’ll see why chores and yard work are a great thing to do while stoned and broke.

Turn on some classic, old school jams, and get productive!

Suggested strain pairings: OG Chem, Green Crack, Sour Diesel

6. Connect!

On a weekly (if not daily) basis, there are conversations around The Evergreen Market regarding cannabis as a tool to forge deeper and more meaningful connections. Whereas the term ‘connection’ can be awfully vague, there is strategy within that. Connection, in this instance, is a fully subjective thing. Depending on the situation, what that connection is with can be limitless. It could even be used in conjunction with activities listed above– music, food, physical exercise.

To narrow it down just a little, let’s stick with social connection. Friends, family, all of our interpersonal relationships require maintenance and attention. If you’re anything like the rest of us living in 2018, facebook & social media is the most frequent method of engaging with the people in our lives.

This isn’t good. A like or a comment isn’t a connection.

Cannabis helps people connect making catching up with friends a great thing to do while stoned and brokeWhen our phones ping and we get a notification there is a small release of dopamine (which is highly addictive) which makes us feel happy because that is precisely what dopamine is designed to do. Just like alcohol, social media pings have gamed this evolutionary response. The real chemical release we crave when it comes to loneliness or a feeling of disconnect is oxytocin. Oxytocin is released en masse during childbirth, it is also released during public recognition, when snuggling, or any other social bonding moment. It strengthens our trust and investment in each other.

Imagine you’re hungry, iron deficient, and craving a nice, big steak. There’s no steak around, but there’s potato chips. Since you’re hungry you eat them, and at one point you feel satiated and your stomach is full. You’ve satisfied your hunger, but did nothing to get the actual nutrient that your body is craving. Dopamine is like the potato chips, but the steak (or oxytocin) contains the actual thing your body needs. You won’t get it from liking someone’s status. Convenience has done a disservice to our friendships and relationships, we’re all aware of it. After a bowl while sitting in that cloud of mindfulness, presence, and gratitude is one of the best times to check on your friends. Try closing the Facebook app and giving them a phone call instead.

Suggested strain pairings: Jack Herer, GG #4, Bubblegum

For any other ideas on things to do while stoned and broke feel free to stop in at any Evergreen Market location and strike up a conversation with a budtender!

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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