Educate, Celebrate and Elevate Cannabis at our Knowledge Bar

Educate, Celebrate, and Elevate Cannabis at our Knowledge Bar

Curious about cannabis? Wondering about weed? At Evergreen Market, our driving mission is education, so we have created a Knowledge Bar – a one-stop, encyclopedic collection of all things cannabis.


In today’s technologically driven society, finding the reliable information you need to become a cannabis connoisseur is deceptively difficult. A quick web search can give you a mess of contradictory opinions and passionate rants on every cannabis-related topic.  We go beyond the internet, by providing you a space to sit down and engage with a real person who is just as passionate about cannabis as you are.  At Evergreen Market we strive to celebrate and foster authentic human connections. Come pull up a stool at our Knowledge Bar, talk with our educators, and grow your cannabis consciousness.



Our inviting Knowledge Bars are front and center at our three locations in Auburn, North Renton and South Renton. They are a fantastic place to relax and read.  Examine buds using our high-powered magnifying lens’ and spotlights, learn about cannabis history and check out all the latest ways to enjoy your cannabis – be it flower, concentrates, or edibles.



Our Knowledge Bar library is stocked with our favorite books on Pot Culture containing key tips like how to roll a joint or why keeping a clean bong is important. Curious about the origins of your pot? You can also read about parent strains to cannabis you have been enjoying at home for years.



As the cannabis culture has changed so has the accessibility to cannabis information. Our experts have collected a plethora of printed material; books, magazines, newsletters, favored websites, chat room info, suggested applications for your phone, and more, and we curate all the most helpful resources for you at our Knowledge Bars. And as always, our local budtenders or cannabis educators are happy to share their extensive cannabis knowledge if you have any questions that cannot be answered in our library of resources. Our collection is sure to enlighten and entertain, and our budtenders and educators live to share their passion and knowledge of cannabis.  



One enduring staff favorite is How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High by David Bienenstock. Answering questions like How can I land a legal pot job? Bienenstock breaks down the plant from its history to how-tos. Most importantly, he keeps the voice of the cannabis community alive, advocating for the continued use of the plant for mind, body and soul healing purposes.



With the array of materials collected at our Knowledge Bar, growing your personal garden of understanding about this magical herb is easier than ever. Come on in, browse our books and meet our educators. With exciting talks and events on the horizon, the Evergreen Market Knowledge Bar is your cannabis hub.


Discover a Higher Quality of Life.

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