Cannabis Strain Names

Cannabis Strain NamesFrosty buds from Legendary Labs

The other day while looking through our flower counter, a coworker brought up a funny point about strain names. At the time we were carrying three different Dutch Treats from 3 different growers. One was indica, one hybrid, and the last was a sativa dominant hybrid, each with different smells, tastes, and effects. How can that be if there all the same strain? These days there’s a lot of contention when it comes to cannabis strain names, even as far as using indica, sativa, or hybrid, and there’s some strong arguments for a needed change in strain name conventions.


So why is that a cannabis strain with the same name is coming out so differently from each of the growers? The short answer is a combination of the plants genetics and  it’s phenotype. Genetics referring to the parent strains that were crossed to make the Dutch Treat. Where the amount of influence of each of the parent strains can vary between different batches of seeds. Dutch Treat however has a bit more of a fuzzy lineage, and there’s not 100% certainty as to the parent strains in the first place. For the sake of argument we’ll just assume that the seeds all have the exact same genetics for this example.


So assuming that you’ve got the right genetics for your cannabis plants, they should all come out the same Dutch Treat right? Well that’s where phenotypes come in, which refers to the actual physical characteristics of each individual plant. This is where grow methods/environment play a huge role in the final product and why the same strain from the same genetics can still be a different experience.  Its also why you can walk into a store and see two different Dutch Treat eighths range so wildly in price. Remember that at the end of the day, were dealing with plants and the amount of love from the grower can make all the difference.


So how can you be sure you’re not a victim of false cannabis strain names and getting the right Dutch Treat? It’s starts by asking the right questions. Ask if your budtender has tried the product, or what effects it should provide. Think less about names and more about what kind of high it is you’re looking for, and make your budtender aware. Pay attention to things like taste, smell, how smooth it smokes, and the effects so you can be prepared to get exactly what you’re looking for. Ultimately, strain names can still be an effective indicator for what to expect, but being an educated consumer will ensure you get what you’re looking for.

Written by: Jason Ardelean

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