Stoner Gifts that are Safe to Ship – 2019

Stoner Gifts (that are Safe to Ship) Guide 2019

Stoner Gifts You Can Eat

Munchpak – $16.95 + free shipping

Munchpak is a killer snack delivery service that features familiar favorites with new twists, as well as snacks that you’ve never even heard of! A mix of sweet, savory, and surprise makes this a legal to ship stoner gift fit for any case of the munchies.

Candy Club – $49.99 + shipping for one month

This stylish snacking option is a sweet-lovers dream. It mixes a variety of candies based on your selections with gummy things, chocolate covered things, and choices between sweet & sour. 10/10 would recommend pairing with a Cookies or Grape strain.

Japan Candy Box – $21.90 + shipping

Got an adventurous stoner friend? Send them on a trip to Japan with their mouth! This box contains a taste-based exploration of the other side of the world. Excitement, food, and something new all in one gift.

Easy Bake Oven  – $37 – $130+

This is an easy choice to make someone’s day. You can let them bake easy while they easy bake. The instructions are simple enough to follow even after your 4th, 5th, or 6th joint.

Cotton Candy Machine – $37.20

There is no stoner alive that would be disappointed by this gift. Sweet, sugary, and the perfect opportunity to discover a hobby that they never know they loved.

Or make your own snack pack with their favorite snacks!

Stoner Gifts Accessory

Candy Cane Dabber – $24.00 + shipping

Make sure to let your friend know this isn’t edible, but instead will make the Holiday cheer last all year long! Drop a full gram dab for instagram with this bad boy and you’ll start trending.

Bulk Swisher Packs – $21.49 + shipping

The perfect stoner gift for the blunt smoker in your life! Now they won’t have to stop by the gas station every day like the cashier is their best friend.

Formula 420 Glass Metal Ceramic Cleaner 12 Oz Bottles 4 Pack – $21.93 (Amazon Prime) & Formula 710 Glass Cleaner – $9.95

We all have that one stoner friend who seems to never clean their gear. Drop a well-intentioned hint for them to get it together by sending over some formula 420 or formula 710 glass cleaner!

Wake and Bake Mug – $19.95

There is no better pair than caffeine and cannabis. Let your friend know you’re not just pretending to like them with this perfect wake and bake mug. Bowl of weed not included.

Stoner Gifts for the Solo Smoker

Mini Fridge – $80 + shipping

This is always a solid choice, but especially for the cannabis enthusiast. Every time your friend doesn’t have to leave their room to get snacks, they’ll think of you and your good taste in gifts. You can keep your dabs in there too.

Weighted Blanket – $47.90

This is the most ideal of our stoner gifts list for the cozy smoker who’s secretly a cat in a human body. Weighted blankets have been a tool for increased comfort to the point of even being attributed to helping with feelings of anxiety or feeling overwhelmed.

40 pairs of hand-warmers – $24.28

Nothing says I care about the temperature of your hands like 40 pairs of hand-warmers.

Stoner Gifts for Creatives

Coloring Book – $7.99

Whoever said coloring books aren’t for adults was probably a square. Don’t let them be right. This great gift allows your friend to color through cannabis and pairs perfect with some dank.

Snoop Dog Mad Libs – $30.90

The Dogfather deserves a place in every stoner’s Holiday. Make your best bud’s season with hours of Snoop themed entertainment.

Board Games – $20+

Game night is just code for “let me come over and let’s smoke weed”. Getting them a board game for the Holidays is the first step.

If you’re not feeling any of these – a gas station gift card is always a solid way to encompass gas, snacks, and swishers.

Written by: Emma Titchenal

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