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Earlier this week The Evergreen Market toured botanicaSEATTLE, home to popular brands such as Mr. Moxey’s Mints, SPOT, bond, Journeyman and Proper Chocolates.

Located in the industrial district of SODO, this neighborhood is home to many i-502 companies, but none are as lucky as botanicaSEATLLE to call an old steel foundry the headquarters to their processing center. Although the building has been repurposed, its original function is clear, which makes this structure a real architectural delight as well as a historian’s paradise. During the build out botanica was asked to paint the old wood in the building, which was not the route the owners wanted to take. Instead, they chose to preserve the iconic Seattle lumber by finding a sealant that could protect the natural character of the wood while making it a washable surface, as required by the Washington State Department of Agriculture for all food production facilities.

In 2014 botanicaSEATTLE started in the recreational cannabis market.

July 8th 2014 first i-502 sale is made.

November 15 2014 first sale for botanicaSEATTLE is made.

The premise was simple; create approachable cannabis edibles for newcomers or those with little knowledge on marijuana. They understood that real stoners don’t need much handholding. The daily toker or cannabis consumer usually knows exactly what they want and most times doesn’t need the extra conversation to convince them of the product they are ready to purchase. But botanicaSEATTLE knew there was a customer who had cannabis interests coupled with a shyness towards the herb, many times due to a lifetime of negative propaganda through mainstream media and of course, the legal standing of it for decades.

So the Spot brand was born.

botanicaSEATTLE work
The dream team at botanicaSEATTLE. Our guide, Lena, is in the front row, third in from the right.

Utilitarian in branding, Spot was designed to allow the consumer to choose the experience they want. This is not only the oldest botanicaSEATTLE brand, but also the most simple in design, never detracting from the main concept of choice.

Would you like a cookie or brownie?

Indica or sativa?

Simple, potent and delicious products are the outcome, with a neutral brand meant to act as a guide for many in a new or unknown market.

Spot also created the first edibles on the market to delineate between Sativa and Indica dominant effects.

“There is a safety in choice,” Lena Davidson, the Market Relations aka the spirit animal of botanicaSEATTLE, told us as she led the tour. She brought a level of charisma for people, passion for the plant and their products, as well as a knack for educating anyone curious on the industry, their company or the plant itself. This was a wonder woman for sure!

The straightforwardness of their brands, with a classic approach makes choosing products easy, allowing for seamless branding that has been successful in gaining a loyal customer base the last three years.

Spot Seattle Mr Moxey's Mints
Mr. Moxey’s Mints come in 3 flavors: Peppermint, Cinnamon and Ginger, with options in CBD and THC varieties.

For example, their mints, specifically the peppermint and cinnamon flavors of Mr. Moxey’s Mints take first and second for sales in the state, most months, when looking at i-502 data.


We also love that they work with “Clean-Green Certified” farms, making sure the products you put into your body are made with the best ingredients; affordable without have to give up quality. “With Journeyman, we wanted to lift the quality base for cheap edibles. Cheap does not have to mean shitty, it shouldn’t. It’s food, it’s going into your body. You are having to chew, taste and swallow that stuff.  Let alone believe that what it’s going to do with your body is reliable, time after time,” Lena points out.

Another aspect that makes botanicaSEATTLE stand out is product consistency. They have an exceptional know-how for making scaled batches that determine precise potency in every treat. It was one of the first things they nailed down in their processes.

“We thought our license depended on that skill; and it should, that should be only thing they are concerned with. But they don’t measure us by that, so we do it for ourselves,” said Lena, on getting their potency with dosing precise for edibles.

One of their confectioners is Hilary Brown, a chef from the Tom Douglas restaurant team, who has been with botanicaSEATLLE since the very beginning. She leads the development and creation for nearly all products, from baked goods to fruit chews, weed tarts and mints. Hilary was responsible for Proper Chocolates, decadent and hand filled chocolates that are perfect for celebrating something special, whether with friends or alone. Just recently she contributed, on behalf of Spot Seattle, to the cannabis book called Grow Your Own, which will be released next week in Portland.

spot seattle cannabis recipes
‘Grow Your Own’ is being released end of September, with recipes submitted by Spot chef, Hilary Brown.

From cannabis lubricant oils (yes, it is exactly what you are thinking) to creating top shelf chocolates, to the best selling mints in the state, botanicaSEATTLE continues to be an industry leader; focused on consistent, delicious and pure edibles to rock your world with!

Swing by one of our three locations and find your spot.

Written By: Masha Brown

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Indica leaf with a joint in Seattle, WA
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