House of Cultivar

On partnering with House of Cultivar:

“As a company, it has always been important for us to work with growers who are truly passionate about cannabis, and about the stewardship and growth of our industry.  House of Cultivar hits it out of the park on both counts.  They consistently have some of the most compelling flower on the market, they are innovators in cultivation and best growing practices, and perhaps most importantly, they conduct their business with honor and integrity.”

-Eric Gaston, Co-Founder, The Evergreen Market

House of Cultivar has 300 genetics at their tissue culture lab
Where the magic happens; The House of Cultivar Tissue Culture Lab where they catalog genetics of 300 exclusive strains.

For me, some of the most nostalgic smells come about when I take a sniff or hit House of Cultivar flower. It makes sense. These guys are on a mission ‘to grow the world’s best Cannabis.’

Now, that’s a job description!

Nestled in the heart of Seattle, this family farm uses their state-of-the-art facility, plus years of experience to bring sustainable practices and individualistic plant care, like watering each one by hand, still, and of course, hand trimming, to provide you with the best bud in your bowls, joints and water pipes.

Here, is one example…

Mendo Breath

mend breath by house of cultivar grown in tissue culture lab
Mendo Breath by House of Cultivar

Smelling jar after jar filled with wondrous nuggets brought whiffs of sauerkraut memories from Mother Russia, making me realize the intense power this plant has. A great cannabis flower can bring you into another world, from just the smell and taste alone.

Super Glue

house of cultivar sold at the evergreen market
Super Glue by House of Cultivar


The last time I hit House of Cultivar Super Glue, it brought me back to my grandmother’s yard.

Picking dill and cucumbers off the plant, smelling the fresh dew and grass in the morning, earthy whiffs of the hills around us.

Yes, I smelled, tasted and enjoyed all that from just breaking open a nug of this cannabis flower.

The power of terpenes!

curing cannabis at House of Cultivar
Sniffing bags and jars of varying strains curing at the House of Cultivar facility in SODO Seattle.

The Evergreen Market was lucky enough to score a tour of their facility!

House of Cultivar

House of Cultivar is a tier 3 grow and processing facility located in the SODO District of Seattle. The founding partners started in medical, although on separate projects, back in the mid 2000’s, making the move into i-502 with recreational licensing September of 2016.

House of Cultivar and the future of cannabis genetics and breeding
A test-tube baby of cannabis, all grown in their state-of-the-art Tissue Culture Lab.

Their tissue culture lab, which produces some incredibly potent, clean and beautiful flowers, was the most scientific facility I have seen in i-502. A plant will start out as Mother Plant cutting, also known as an explant, that after being cleaned and disinfected, is moved to a sterilized test tube to grow. After roughly 10-14 days, the node will become a juvenile plantlet, still without roots. Once roots are formed, it is transplanted into a pot to finishing the growing process.

Seeing what is being done with these genetics made me think of Terminator weed. This is the power of science and perseverance. The new-age technology makes storing and moving genetics between Washington state facilities easy, saving money and allowing genetics to be stored safely. This does not come without consequences. Storing genetics for long periods of time makes it more difficult to bring that strain back out of storage, to a growing state.

From the huge jars of cannabis, to the sterilization of their facility (they have bleach pans at every door to disinfect your shoes upon entrance), the passion for perfection at this company is obvious. They are a tight nit bunch of guys and gals who showed us the incredible work and dedication it takes to make such a unique and beautiful plant come to life.

Thank you, House of Cultivar!

House of Cultivar cure
The dry and cure process at House of Cultivar at their SODO Seattle farm.

Written By: Masha Brown


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