8 Reasons Seattle is Choice for Cannabis Tourism

8 Reasons to Choose Seattle for Cannabis Tourism

With many states legalizing recreational marijuana use recently, a vacation where you can smoke cannabis worry-free and take in all a place has to offer is something that is attainable without having to go all the way to Amsterdam.

As one of the nation’s leaders in the cannabis industry and a longtime outpost of cannabis culture, Seattle is at the forefront of providing amazing marijuana tourism experiences. At Evergreen Market, our team of Seattleite cannabis experts has compiled our personal list of reasons why Seattle should be your next (or your first) cannabis tourism destination.

• A Walkable, Bikeable City

Seattle has a hardcore community of bike commuters and other cyclists, plus several bike rental companies offering convenient bikes you can hop on pretty much anywhere in the city. All this adds up to plenty of bike lanes, several popular protected bike trails and paths, and hundreds and hundreds of bokes for you to rent all within the city limits (plus even longer bike trails just outside of town). The Burke-Gilman trail, which runs all the way from Ballard to outside Seattle city limits along the ship canal and Lake Washington, and the Elliot Bay trail, which runs along the bay from Interbay to downtown and is a great way to access ferries or the Pike Place market by bike, are just two of the popular options for getting around by bike.

The city is also walkable, with clusters of fun neighborhoods to explore, farmer’s markets to stroll through, and popular parks like Green Lake, Volunteer Park and Discovery Park featuring miles and miles of walking trails. Person-powered transportation is a natural fit for cannabis use and you’ll find plenty of options for those activities in Seattle.

• The Weather

We promise this isn’t a joke: while Seattle may have a reputation as a rain-soaked city, in reality it has relatively mild Winters, gorgeous Spring days and colorful, crisp Fall afternoons. And as any Seattleite will tell you, the summers are incredible.

In the Summer, Seattle is sunny and green, but never too hot. And the city is far enough North that the days are long, perfect for packing in all the activity you want and ending the day with an exquisite smoke session while you watch a late sunset.

• Our Diverse, Tasty Food Scene

Seattle’s community of cannabis users have always been able to count on one thing: when the munchies kick in, there are always plenty of good options for satisfying, affordable food from all over the globe.

No matter where you are in Seattle, you can find everything from savory Pho to all the tacos your heart could desire, including many popular spots that are open 24 hours for late night gratification. Stay tuned for our full guide to Seattle’s best food spots for marijuana users to see our personal favorite restaurants in each major Seattle neighborhood coming next week.

• The Outdoors

If your idea of the perfect cannabis getaway involves being one with nature, then there are few places better to be than the great Pacific Northwest! A short trip from the city can place you in some stunning scenery.

From Mount Rainier National Park to the dozens of hikes on the I-90 corridor, Seattle offers access to mountains galore. Head up North to the foothills of Bellingham or the snowy slopes and gorgeous meadows of Mount Baker or West to the coastal beauty of the Olympic National Park or the vibrant greenery of the Hoh rain forest. Check out the Washington Trails Association for hiking guides, maps and driving directions, seasonal and regional trail recommendations and more.

• 420-friendly Lodging

With its relatively long period of marijuana legalization and a cannabis-friendly local culture already in place, the Seattle area is ahead of the curve on hotels, Air BNBs and other lodging options that allow cannabis users to enjoy fine local product without having to stand in the parking lot or throw a beanie over the smoke detector.

Evergreen Market has put together our own expert guide to the best lodging options for marijuana tourists (and locals who want a weed-filled staycation). Check out our full guide to the best 420-friendly hotels in the Pacific Northwest.

• The Original Hempfest and Other Killer Festivals

Seattle was one of the first places in the US to accommodate marijuana users. Vivian McPeak started this yearly festival back in 1991, creating the perfect place to get together and celebrate cannabis. Hempfest has been cited as the largest ‘protestival’ on record due to it’s massive turnout.

Now, the era of legalization has only made the August festival even better. And it’s far from the only amazing cannabis-friendly festival that happens in or around Seattle: Northwest Folklife on Memorial Day Weekend, Bumbershoot on Labor Day Weekend and huge shows at The Gorge all summer long offer unmissable opportunities to enjoy culture, music and cannabis in the Seattle area.

• Kush Tourism

With all the great options to explore and enjoy Seattle, you should be able to plan a great trip centered on your enjoyment of cannabis. However, if you’re looking for a company to plan some adventures for you, the nationwide legal marijuana tourism company Kush Tourism has set up shop in Seattle.

Kush Tourism offers a great Seattle day tour that covers every facet of the legal cannabis industry, from visiting a glass blowing shop to touring a full grow operation. This kind of behind the scenes access helps make Seattle a destination that will appeal to true cannabis geeks just as much as casual users.

• The Marijuana!

Washington state has some of the best marijuana in the country today. It’s very much a craft industry, with fine product from expert local growers and yet still great prices! At Evergreen Market, you’ll be able to find some of the most popular craft growers in WA state: House of Cultivar, Artizen, 1937 Farms, Gabriel, and more.

Head to Evergreen Market during Your Cannabis Vacation to Seattle!

With locations around Seattle’s suburbs and some of the very most knowledgeable and experienced staff in the local cannabis industry, Evergreen Market will be the perfect home base for your cannabis tourism trip to Seattle. Our mission is simple: Educate. Celebrate. Elevate. So, if you’re looking for a friendly, helpful spot to stock up and get your bearings in Seattle’s marijuana scene, come by Evergreen Market!


Written by: Nikki Marangon


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