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Cannabis Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between indica and sativa?

Really the answer to this cannabis frequently asked question has more to do with how the plant looks when it grows. Traditionally the saying goes “Indica in da couch” meaning indica strains produce a more relaxed experience whereas sativa will be more energetic. Remember, there are degrees to this which makes it more complicated and a reason why it is a cannabis frequently asked question. Some indica’s wont be sleepy but focused and calm. Conversely some sativa’s will be spacey and anxiety relieving. However, this is not fool-proof. In reality an indica is a plant that grew short, stalky, and with broad leaves and a sativa will have been long, lanky, and with slim leaves. Make sure to talk with your budtender to pin point a strain with specific experiences,

How is weed priced in Washington State? 

In medical days we used to be very clear about top shelf, mid, and bottom shelf all with their designated price. Now, we see cannabis that is of high quality priced at $30 for an eighth and that same quality from another grower at $40. Why is this? This is a common cannabis frequently asked question and in Washington state we are not vertically integrated like Colorado. What that means is in places like Colorado stores can only sell you what they produce themselves. This is why you can open, touch, and smell in these states. Here, we have true competition. Stores and producers are separate entities and in order to be on our shelves, producers must compete. This brings the quality up and the price down. That $40 eighth won’t stand a chance against the same quality at $30 and so naturally, the $30 does better and we buy it again. This eventually setting industry price standards organically with good ol’ supply and demand. That’s not to say that price can’t be a good consumer guide. You can expect to see more sun grown flower in the under $30 section and in contrast you’ll see more glass jar packaging in the over $45 section. Again, this is not fool proof which is why we see this pop up as a cannabis frequently asked question.

How much does THC matter?

This is a great cannabis frequently asked question that is a big focal point of the industry. Unfortunately- high numbers are still widely sought after and that puts pressure on growers to make a choice. In Washington state there is no regulation on cannabinoid testing facilities. Similarly there is no regulation to make sure these tests are accurate and not misleading. In reality, cannabis does not test at 27% THC. Growers have the ability to pay for inflated numbers in order to drive sales. In short it is an effective business tactic. So what should you look for? The buds themselves. Nice fully developed red hairs, big crystals that are visible, and a good density of nug are all great indicators. We always recommend taking budtender favorites into consideration. They are used to answering this cannabis frequently asked question. Not only will they know what to look for but will be able to tell you if any looks were deceiving. You’ll notice the highest quality growers in Washington have more realistic numbers. Growers like Mad Mark, Skord, House of Cultivar, and Seattle Private Reserve are all among the most award winning and are recognized for their superior flower- but none of them claim inflated numbers.

Is it legal to drive with cannabis in your car?

In recreational states, you can drive with cannabis in your car. It is important to keep the container closed (just like with alcohol) and it behooves drivers to keep proof of purchase- the receipt. While a bag is not necessary, a closed container and being able to prove that it came from a legitimate source prevents any further investigation into the matter. If you are at all concerned about being hassled, lock your products in your trunk or glove box. These locked areas are not legally accessible without permission or a warrant. Just like with alcohol, consuming and driving will result in a DUI arrest. Even without product in the car, if an officer suspects you of driving while high they can detain you until a blood test can be performed. Remember- be mindful of if you/your car smells like cannabis, always carry proof of where you bought it, and keep it closed!

What’s the difference between smoking, edibles, and tinctures?

One of the most cannabis frequently asked questions we are asked is how do you compare mediums? The biggest noticeable difference is the amount of time before each medium takes effect. When smoking you Sweet asnd chewy gummy candies infused with cannabis, marmas from northwest cannabis solutions are great.can feel the effects right away as THC is easily absorbed in the lungs. With edibles, THC must be digested before any effect and that can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. With tinctures, which is cannabinoids suspended in oil, your body has an easier time processing oil and liquids take much less time to digest so think closer to 15 minutes before noticing an effect. Don’t forget about dosing! When smoking, it’s very hard to achieve an exact amount of THC or CBD and those will fluctuate between strains and growers. While effects may be instant, they are less predictable. Edibles and tinctures make it easy to get exact doses. Say you need only 2.5mg of THC to help you sleep without any other side effects- this is much easier determine in edible or tincture form.

Written By Elan Gratrix

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