Saluting Lilac City Gardens: July’s Star in Our ‘Small Farms Program Highlight of the Month’


Lilac City Gardens: Cultivating Quality and Commitment in the Heart of Washington

As July unfurls its vibrant hues, we are thrilled to present another drop of our ‘Small Farms Program Highlight of the Month’. This series is devoted to honoring and promoting the dedicated family owned, single-source cannabis farms that contribute to the vibrancy of the 502 industry. This month, all eyes are on Lilac City Gardens, an exceptional cultivator situated in the bustling heart of Airway Heights, Washington.

Prepare to join us on an enlightening journey as we delve into the very core of Lilac City Gardens, a place where dedication to cultivating a strong sense of well-being and self-care are more than just ideals, they are the essence of their operation.

Lilac City Garden Strains: Montana Silver Tip, Pink Lemonade, Matcha Latte, and Purple Punch.

Celebrating a Decade of Growth

Lilac City Gardens has been a major player in the cannabis industry from the very beginning of Initiative 502 (i502) in Washington state. Come this November, it will proudly mark their 10th anniversary, symbolizing a decade of solid dedication in providing superior cannabis products. The journey, though punctuated by challenges, has been an incredibly rewarding experience, elevating the farm to become a trusted and respected entity within the i502 market.

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Farm to Consumer, with Integrity

Lilac City Gardens encompasses small batch flower and pre-rolls, produced with an unwavering commitment to excellence. They also offer concentrates during times of surplus production. The farm values each of its offerings and maintains strict quality control at every stage of the growth process to ensure that the products reach consumers in their peak condition.

The Foundation: Roots Organics Original Soil

The cultivation process at Lilac City Gardens is rooted deeply in their chosen growing medium: Roots Organics Original Soil. This nutrient-rich soil creates a perfect environment for plant growth and nourishment, thus ensuring an unmatched product quality at all times.

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Sustainable and Ethical Pest Control

Lilac City Gardens demonstrates an exemplary commitment to environmental sustainability and product purity in their approach to pest control. Pesticides are used minimally and never applied on flowering plants. The farm follows a thorough daily cleaning routine that aids in maintaining a pest-free environment. Sierra Natural Solutions (SNS) 203 and 217C, both clove and rosemary-based solutions, are used for pest control on an as-needed basis.

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Commitment to Purity

Lilac City Gardens assures consumers that their products are entirely free from residual pesticides. This promise is a cornerstone of their pledge to provide pure, safe, and effective cannabis products.

In an industry where standards can vary significantly, Lilac City Gardens sets itself apart through its focus on quality, ethical practices, and a dedication to customer satisfaction. The farm continues to be a shining light in Washington’s cannabis industry, adhering to the principles of i502, and forging the way for a sustainable future in cannabis cultivation.

Available Strains at Evergreen Market



Purple Punch is a potent hybrid strain, widely reputed for its strong Indica-dominant attributes, making it ideally suited for late-evening use. Originating from Northern California, this tranquil strain offers an initial joyful and positive experience, often accompanied by a burst of chattiness. It’s an exquisite blend of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, resulting in a striking 80/20 Indica/Sativa composition. Known for its body-relaxing and hunger-inducing effects, Purple Punch exudes the delectable aroma of grape soda and blueberry pastries, making it an enticing option for cannabis enthusiasts. In the end, this indulgent strain serves as a potent remedy for sleep, lulling users into a restful slumber.



MATCHA LATTE, a sophisticated and complex cannabis strain, brings forth a unique symphony of flavors. With its strong, nutty undertones intertwined with gentle whispers of green tea, it creates an intriguing, layered experience for the senses. This distinctive concoction is the result of a harmonious union between GHOST MINT and TRIPLE CHOCOLATE CHIP strains. Much like a traditional Matcha Latte, this strain offers a comforting balance between stimulation and relaxation. It serves as an excellent alternative for a wake-and-bake session.



Pink Lemonade is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain, derived from crossing Lemon Skunk with Purple Kush. It delivers soothing effects, clouding the mind in a calming mist while also inducing bodily relaxation. Its aroma is similar to a menthol-infused fruity tea, with a citrusy blend of lemon and grapefruit flavors upon exhale. Used by medical patients for focus, stress, and depression, Pink Lemonade is recognizable by its small, trichome-laden buds amidst jade-green leaves and bronze-colored pistils.


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