Hygge Farms Story

Small Farms Program: Highlight of June

Hygge Farms flower: Hygge 3.5g Limonella Strain | 3.5g Blue Dream Strain | 3.5g Maui Strain
Hygge Farms flower: Hygge 3.5g Limonella Strain | 3.5g Blue Dream Strain | 3.5g Maui Strain


Welcome to the June HIGHLIGHT of our “Small Farms Program Highlight of the Month”, where we celebrate and elevate single-source cannabis farms in the 502 industry. This month, we shine light on Hygge Farms. Join us as we take a deeper dive into the heart of Hygge Farms, exploring their dedication to nurturing a strong sense of well-being and self-care.

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Hygge Philosophy in the Heart of Cannabis Cultivation

Hygge Farms is not just another cannabis cultivation farm; it’s a living, thriving ecosystem that fully embodies the values of ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hue-gah’). This Scandinavian philosophy emphasizes comfort, tranquility, and happiness in daily life. These values aren’t merely adopted at Hygge Farms; they’re embedded in every aspect of its operations, creating a work environment that nurtures a sense of well-being and self-care among all team members.


Hygge Farms stands apart with its unique approach to training and compensation. Every member of the team, from cannabis growers to packagers, is cross trained in all roles. This strategy ensures that operations run smoothly.

Moreover, Hygge Farms adopts a piecemeal pay system. Every cannabis joint rolled, every gram trimmed, and every package prepared contributes to the earnings of their dedicated team. This system fosters a sense of community, respect, and appreciation that sets Hygge Farms apart in the cannabis industry.

Meet the Hygge Family

“At Hygge Farms we are blessed to have
Sheila Rollins and Patty Santos as an essential part of the daily operations of our cultivation. Without them we wouldn’t be able
to supply the recreational cannabis market
with flower and joints for your enjoyment.”


Sheila started working for Hygge Farms when we first
opened our doors. She began as a trimmer and has worked
her way into joint production, packaging, traceability and
oversight of the processing department. Before entering the
cannabis industry Sheila was a stay at home mom to three
children. As her children grew up Sheila began working again
at various retail locations but always dreamed of a day where
she could work with her favorite plant. She is happy to be
working for a small company with something she believes in
and loves.

Patty Santos

Patty Santos joined the Hygge team at the very beginning of
the COVID-19 pandemic. After being laid off due to the shut down Patty responded to our ad and began working without
any prior knowledge of cannabis. She started as a trimmer and
quickly moved into the grower position once we realized where
her true talents lied. For someone with no prior knowledge of
cannabis she has picked up a whole host of new skills making
her a respected asset of our team. She is a huge animal lover
and is dearly loved by Hygge Hound (Mance). Patty is pleased
to be working in a new and growing industry. Her words of
advice for people interested in the industry are to be flexible
and open to learning new things. With hard work and an open
mind you never know where life will take you.

Ol’ Mac Hygge Had a Farm

Hygge Farms, is situated on their own property, serving as a testament to the passion and commitment of its founders, Brandon and Paige. Their hands-on involvement in every stage of the process, from the foundation to the interior design, ensures their dedication shines through every cannabis product they produce.

Founders: Paige & Brandon

Hygge Farms also boasts a hobby farm filled with chickens, pigs, ducks, sheep, and a thriving vegetable garden. The waste from their cultivation process is repurposed as an organic supplement for the hobby farm’s feed and soil, reflecting their commitment to sustainable farming practices.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword at Hygge Farms; it’s a commitment to their way of life. The use of energy-efficient LED lights throughout the facility, including during the flowering phase of cannabis growth, significantly reduces their environmental footprint. This commitment makes Hygge Farms a leading example of Eco-friendly practices in the cannabis industry.

Supporting Hygge Farms is about more than endorsing a cannabis farm; it’s about backing a passion driven endeavor that places high value on employee well being, environmental sustainability, and puts immense dedication into every step of the cannabis cultivation process.

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