Escape to the Pot Leaf Treehouse

Welcome to the Pot Leaf Treehouse!

While it may be easy to get swept up by the busyness of every day chores, work, and the mundane parts of life, sometimes you just need to disconnect from tech and reconnect yourself with nature; the greens, the blues and the wind!

Treehouse living in Monroe, WA is fun!
Getaway to the magical destination of the Potleaf Treehouse in Monroe, Washington.

Relax in the treehouse community at Mountain Views B&B Retreat!

Deep in the luscious forest that borders Monroe, Washington, is a magical setting created by Tracy Rice. Not only are the natural surroundings glorious; with intense forest smells that whisk you into a creative fantasy land; but so are the dwellings; tree-houses, gypsy wagon homes and even a plastic bubble world! This is unlike any destination you have probably visited.

Mountains Views BB in Monroe, WA
Get cozy in the magical, lit up Potleaf Treehouse of Mountain Views B&B. So relaxing, you may just want to explore the personal forest later!

The host, Tracy, was warm, quirky and energetic. She engaged with authenticity and made me feel like we were friends in another life! Yet, if you’re looking for some extra privacy and a total disconnect, she will provide that too. I was impressed with her flexibility and attention to detail. Although the Pot Leaf Treehouse is limited in space, if there was something forgotten at home, Tracy is sure to make it available for your stay in this 108 square ft cozy wooden getaway. (It feels bigger, I swear!)

Elevate in the treehouse like never before!
This 420 friendly getaway is perfect if you want to puff those pot leaves in the Potleaf Treehouse. Bring your favorite goodies for this elevated getaway! Hehe! Get it? Elevated! Okay, we swear we weren’t too stoned when we came up with that one!

treehouse living is a very fun and relaxing adventure

The Pot Leaf Treehouse…

is a nonagon- a nine-sided home that has a spacious outdoor living room, which was the perfect balcony to take in the forest sights and smells in the mornings or at night.

Underneath the treehouse is another comforting space to hide from the passing rain or just take a snooze in the hammock.

Christmas-lights curtains hung on one wall beneath the treehouse, only adding to the magical sparkle of this retreat, especially at night.

Visit the animal farm at Mountain Views BB and Potleaf Tree House and Hashtag Treehouse.
Meet the very friendly pig lady Veggie Might who will greet you with morning snorts and cuddles if you catch her early enough!

Inside the treehouse small accents like sparkling lights, shimmering glass decorations and colorful walls were a pleasant addition to the fantasyland feel of it all. Cards, board games and adult coloring books added entertainment late at night when you just wanted to hide away in your treehouse hideaway!

Magical treehouse touches like lights and glass.
Small enchanting touches make the space inside feel as mythical as the private forests surrounding the Treehouses.

If you are looking for a relaxing disconnect from technology and the city, or just to recharge and get connected with nature, I recommend the Pot Leaf Treehouse as the escape to bring fantasy back into your life! Check out their website for more information and bookings, HERE.

Enjoy a nature retreat at the Montain Views B&B Treehouse.
Looking up at the balcony area of the Pot Leaf Treehouse from the spacious chill out area below. The wonderful woodwork is magic alone!

Written by: Masha Brown


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