Higher Education with The Goodship

All aboard the Goodship!

Never heard of this saying? Well then, we invite you to check out The Goodship Higher Education Lecture Series, moving into their 14th talk, coming soon.

Get high and get your Higher Education on!

Higher Education Lecture Series by The Goodship presents perfect topics to get high and listen to.
In a warm and inviting space, Goodship presents talks to enlighten your mind and open your world; come with your head in the right space; you know what we mean!

The Goodship is an edible company started by Jody Hall in 2014. Well-known in the local Seattle food scene as the talent behind cupcake bakery collection, Cupcake Royale; Hall wanted to merge two markets she enjoyed tremendously into one, and thus, The Goodship was born!

With the idea that opening your mind to understand higher level concepts can come from branching out of the ordinary thought to more innovative patterns, Goodship has installed a lecture series event to celebrate the use of  cannabis; whether ingested or smoked, to better appreciate new concepts and dive deep into discussions.

The expressed mission of Goodship’s Higher Education is to bring the “heady conversations out of the basement and into a shared community experience” by utilizing the modern and inviting arena below the Melrose Market in Capital Hill.

Photography shot by Ben Lindbloom.
Underneath Capital Hill’s Melrose Market is the perfect space to get into the deep conversations brought to you by Higher Education.

Diving into deep topics like science, technology, psychology and art; they hope to break down social limitations that have restricted these subjects from being a part of mainstream conversations.

One thing is for certain, come already elevated to make this talk that much more mind bending and enlightening.

Bri Luna is the founder of The Hoodwitch and spoke recently.
Bri Luna, the founder of The Hoodwitch gave the most recent talk at the Higher Education Lecture Series.

The most recent conversation, ironically, the 13th talk at Higher Education, was with ancestral witch Bri Luna, who practices natural magick, and focuses on setting strong intentions while being a solitary witch, by following where the energy draws us, individually. A major switch in topics from the previous lecture by Paul Stamets, locally known as the Mushroom Guy, speaking on a revolutionary approach to discussing fungi as not only psychedelic and non-psychedelic creatures that have inhabited the Earth long before us, but a possible explanation to our development and evolution into modern day homo-sapiens.

As you can see, the topics are high and wide, sure to engage your noggin in ways you may have never imagined.

Interested in future talks by Higher Education Lecture Series? Make sure you pick up the delicious products by The Goodship to make your ride that much more enjoyable!

You can find the Goodship edible line at all three of our locations, from marmalades to flavored pastilles and peppermint patties.

Written By: Masha Brown

All photography is property of The Goodship and shot by Ben Lindbloom.


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