An Overview of the Cannabis Community’s Impact on Industry

It’s only been several years since Washington State legalized recreational cannabis in late 2012.  The cannabis culture and community has become a force with and within the cannabis industry. In a short few years we have demonstrated the viability of cannabis as both a responsibly consumed recreational substance AND a powerful source of non-toxic, medicinally-viable compounds.  Take a moment to look up from the hard work we’re doing in this state and you see the many other states that have continued the trend towards national legalization. Not only are the dominos falling, but every year the industry, the culture, and the COMMUNITY builds momentum.

What began outdoor has been brought inside.  The search for high THC has expanded to other cannabinoids.  What was once talk of the Indica/Sativa spectrum has now evolved into a discussion of the “entourage effect” which is the term given to the sum of effects specific to the different ratios of cannabinoid and terpenoid levels.  Perhaps most exciting, the further research into balancing these components into different desired effects is slowly giving way to a whole new approach to an individuals’ well being. Nothing is more personal than the feelings a scent can induce.  Cannabis research and development is furthering the science behind using fragrance to tune products to individual needs! The potential! If you have any questions about terpenes, the entourage effect or anything else, please feel free to drop by our Knowledge Bar and speak with an educator to further discuss any topic.

By Educator – Michael Henderson