How to Enjoy Cannabis and Not Smell Like Weed

I’m incredibly lucky working in the legal cannabis industry, where the concern of smelling like weed isn’t really a concern, and especially not how it was prior to the legalization of recreational cannabis. But, of course I don’t always want to smell like weed, either.

When the topic of not smelling like weed came up, the first thought I had was DABS! Of course. But, for someone just embarking on their cannabis journey, a concentrated form of weed may not be the recommended starting point. So, I looked outside of my personal cannabis preferences and desires, to weight out all the options we have at our disposal with legal weed and products including topicals, tinctures and a variety of edibles.


Oh, the classic brownie, we have come so far! The highlight of today, is you no longer need to consume a multitude of calories to get the cannabis effects you desire. With so many products on the market that are therapeutic, healing and offer relief, sugary and sweet edibles are not your only option.

How to not smell like weed, eat cannabis edibles.
How to not smell like weed? Enjoy a breath mint like these delicious, Green Tea CBD from Swifts.

Other options include:

CBD mints that give great breath plus CBD to help ease possible anxiety or discomfort, whether physical or emotional.

Wellness Tinctures for Sleep plus tinctures with CBG, CBD & CBN, some of the therapeutic cannabinoids.

Capsules with ginseng and CBD as well as other holistic herbs.

Drinks and mixers are a great way to ingest cannabis and use it with one of your other, possible favorites, alcohol. Although a good rule is the airplane rule, one in the air is light two on the ground. Consider the same rules with cannabis and alcohol mixing, the two can enhance the other, so use both sparingly for a perfect mix!

Vape Pens

How to not smell like weed, us a vape pen.
Want to smell fresh and get elevated? Try a Vape Pen such as the Pax offered at all of our locations. Control settings using an app through your phone which even allows you to lock the device from being used when you are not around. Woah!

While similar to the dab, this is an easier way to consume concentrates without all the set up and needed guidance. Some pens don’t even require a button touch, just the action of sucking through a straw or “drawing on the ‘pen.’”

The smell will dissipate and will not stink up your space like traditional herb. By lighting a candle or incense, no smell would be noticed during smoking times or afterwards.


Not your traditional thought around cannabis products but a great therapeutic way to get the benefits of cannabis without any of the smell. Although you could enjoy a dank soak in the tub with bath crystals that will also relax your muscles.

How to not smell like weed, take a cannabis bath or Hawaiian hotbox.
Indulge in a soak in the tub with Bath Crystals that will melt away those aches.

But, we couldn’t leave the topic of topicals without mentioning sensual oils and cannabis lubricants that are out there. Yes, we said it, there is weed lube out there and it DOES really intensify those special moments, whether you are solo or with a partner.

How to not smell like weed, use weed lube!
Yes, this is cannabis lubricant and it works thanks to Bond by Spot!


Lastly, if you do want to smoke the herb, and let’s be real, most of us do, how about the classic Hawaiian Hotbox. With the right order of events, a good hair shampoo or body wash, the smell will not be noticed, and I say that from experience of once living in a home where my mother literally had a nose of a police dog! Yet, the Hawaiian Hotbox never disappointed or gave me away.

Just place a towel underneath the crack of the door. If you need to be ultra-careful because your bathroom is in a space where the towel underneath could be noticed, place the towel slightly over the top of the crack as if creating a cave on the inside.. this will protect the crack from having anything escape but also not be noticed on the outside of the door that anything is being placed to block out the smell.

Next start the shower on a high temp to create lots of steam. Load your bowl, (I would always do bong rips) smoke and then get into the shower. Use a good body wash or hair product to create a nice smell in the shower. Between that, the steam, and hopefully your vent fan, you will have no smell when you are done! But don’t worry, even if you do not have a fan, the steam and products used in shower will dissipate the cannabis smell.

I also appreciate that the high is more wholesome and all encompassing. I always felt like people are less likely to notice if you have indulged, so it is perfect if your friends are still holding their nose in the air to the metaphorical stank of dank.


Okay, we all know tobacco is bad for you, but if you just can’t kick the habit and also enjoy cannabis, a good spliff may be just want you need! Usually, the stench of tobacco is much heavier than cannabis, so as long as your weed is just not too good (wait, huh?!) and you use ample amount of tobacco to balance the smell, it should work.

We recommend a full flower joint though, any day! (tobacco is wacko, for all ages..)


Did you know that a majority of what gets you high is actually the terps!? Just like when you take a hike or a walk in a park full of pines, the alpha-pinene and beta-pinene are known to focus and energize, resulting in that energy and focus you often feel after wards. So, if you currently can’t indulge, enjoy our PNW nature and go for that walk! You will get high in the most natural way possible! And no smell.


Oh the classic de-toker. If you ever had to smoke weed in your college dorm like so many of us have, you probably made your own sploof or ‘de-toker’ as we called them.

To make your own, use the end of a paper towel or toilet paper roll. Stuff it with fresh dryer sheets and put a dryer sheet over the top of one end and put rubber bands over that. Keep the other end just stuffed with dryer sheets plus some room for your lips when you go to exhale your hit. It should smell like fresh laundry.

Today’s sploof does one better, as you exhale your hit into the container, absolutely no smoke or smell will be visible or noticed! A great tool if your landlord is against cannabis smell. Paired with a dab, if you are a seasoned smoker, and there should be no stank or smell of weed.


Lastly, the way you store you cannabis products, especially the flowers will make all the difference! To prevent further drying out and also the intense stank of that delicious dank, use smell-proof containers, such as glass jars with good lids, also known as stash jars. You can find a variety, whatever you prefer, online, at your local pot shop or head shop or even at a street fair.

Now you are ready to enjoy your cannabis and not worry about the smell giving you away. Don’t forget to grab a breathe mint or a nice lotion and sanitizing wipes, all of these are perfect additions to your repertoire of anti-smell assistants.

You’re welcome.

Written By: Masha Brown


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