Not Your Average Stoner: The Changing Faces of Cannabis

Left to right: Chris, Teri, Porcia, Masha, Alyssa, Ray, Ashley, Asha, Brandon and JG

It always just seemed like a dream; legal weed. But now, almost three and a half years after the passing of i-502, with the industry rolling full steam ahead, it looks like the stigma associated with the plant is finally starting to dissipate, and so is the perceived notion of what a stoner ‘outta act like.’

Mikey, Budback at Auburn Evergreen Market

For years, mainstream media painted the picture that potheads spent their days inside, being couch potatoes, melting into living rooms while hitting the bong uncontrollably.

The reality is that the average stoner is probably more productive than you have been conditioned to think.

JG and Teri at Auburn Evergreen

What does this modern individual look like? Imagine your next-door neighbor, best friend’s grandmother, your second grade teacher. Even your son’s little league coach might end his night with a joint on the deck, instead of a drink at the bar.

Reality is, that although taboo and against the law for decades, it has not stopped the public from enjoying this plant in a variety of ways, while still being productive members of their communities.

Porcia showing off our Special K glass!

Today’s stoner may be dressed in heels and a pencil skirt, a sundress or a sweat suit. There is no one size fits all cutout, and the public may be starting to realize they look more like their friends than anyone else.

Left to right: Masha, Asha and Ashley

The legalization of cannabis has started to lift this stigma, and those with a passion for the plant can finally speak freely on the topic.

Asha Johnson is one of the bright stars of The Evergreen Market in Auburn. She admits to having little prior knowledge on marijuana before her first job in the industry as a bud tender. Now, almost a year and a half into her profession, she thrives in the endless opportunities to grow and learn while helping others find security, knowledge and comfort in a new environment.The ability to research and talk openly about cannabis is bringing people together and giving many, their purpose.

Asha Johnson at Auburn Evergreen

“Since becoming a member of the cannabis retail industry the amount of knowledge I can contain on our product is vast and never ending. Which also happens to be what amazes me and keeps me so interested and devoted to this career I’ve found and the people we help daily, in whichever way that may be,” Asha explained.

This is a common mentality at The Evergreen Market, starting at the top with founders like Eric Gaston, who live by the idea that “…passion trumps all else: do what you love, love what you do and everything else will take care of itself,” he shared recently.

Asha went on to further explain, “..that since working with cannabis, the success and results that come with it, has made me want to better myself entirely as a person. Whether it’s to strive to learn as much as I possibly can, to be able to relay any information my customer may need, all the way down to making myself be more approachable, sociable, understanding, patient and sympathetic towards whatever my job and life may throw at me. My mind has been opened to a whole new world that makes my dreams come alive right in front of me daily and makes me want to be the absolute best that I can be to prove what we’re offering is pure, genuine knowledge and assistance to those who seek or need it.”

Wacheke showing off her serious and spunky side at Auburn

No longer can the average cannabis enthusiast be called a lazy stoner across the board. Those working in cannabis are elevating our people, educating the community, and creating an inclusion and elevation, but not just of the mind. Instead, its a state of being; radiating and living to make a community, family, and home, here at The Evergreen Market and in the industry as a whole.

We are not your average stoners, we are leading the revolution, building an industry and the future, from the ground up!

Left to right: Lanell, Haley, Jason and Samantha

Written By: Masha Brown

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