Mad Mark Mas Farms: Madness Makes Magnificence

You will not find another operation like Mad Mark Mas Farms in Enumclaw, WA. He’s “been doin’ it,” as he likes to call it since before i-502 was even a dream.

seattle cannabis farms
Mark Seegmueller, Owner Mad Mark Farms

Situated with the spectacular Mount Rainer overlooking the farm, this i-502 production has its roots in a long history of love and admiration for the plant. Now, with ten strains as his main ladies, Mark Seegmueller is putting out some of the finest bud for legal purchase in Washington State.

If you have ever picked up a Mad Mark gram, eighth or the newest addition to the gang, the ounce; you know from just with one look, this is grown with pure love. Though still a small operation, there was a time when the madness was even greater, with Mark doing everything from growing to bagging, to selling and distributing. There isn’t a job he hasn’t done or still doesn’t do, especially to get the pace going for the team.

seattle cannabis farm
Mad Mark Farms

One of his favorite strains to smoke and grow is Amnesia; a flavorful sativa that has a tendency to make one forget. As well as the Pineapple Express, which Seegmueller describes as “just great,” having grown it for longer than most other strains in his garden’s repertoire.

DJ, picture above has been taking over the main gardening duties, allowing for Seegmueller to grow his business in other directions.

When visiting Mad Mark Mas Farms you realize it is a family-type run operation.

“Everyone has a part in the making of Mad Mark.” Mark Seegmueller

Many of the individuals helping cultivate these plants are friends of Seegmueller, and have been enjoying his strains longer than it may be legal to admit. But Seegmueller is open about his past, describing the time when police came to raid his place prior to the legalization of recreational pot, as probably the most memorable experiences with cannabis.

Chase, a member of the Mad Mark Mas Farms team and a cannabis enthusiast.

Kelsey, (right) another long time friend and advisor of Seegmueller, is the reason behind the Amnesia, which was brought in seed form from Amsterdam and Aphrodite from Spain.

seattle cannabis farm
Mark Seegmueller, Owner Mad Mark Farms

“I had to do this.” Mark Seegmueller on starting i-502 growing and production.

 INTERVIEW with Mark Seegmueller 
  1. Tell us about your first experience with cannabis:

It was 8th grade, my friends were smoking it and I was like ‘Im not doing that.’ I think I started smoking at 17 or 18.

  1. Most memorable cannabis experience:

I smoke hella cannabis, so every memory involving cannabis is memorable.

  1. Why did you get involved:

Honest answer? I wanted money, I ran out of money, I was like, ‘Im sick of spending money on this weed, Im going to sell some and get some for free out of it,’ then it turned into this.

  1. Advice for those getting into the industry?

It’s very involved.

  1. Whats in your secret stash?

Grape Ape

  1. What is your company mission?

Grow the best weed out there or the best that I can. To make everyone happy; all of us, from the growers to the baggers to the people who want to enjoy the product.

  1. Where do you hope this industry goes:

I hope it goes in a laissez-fair direction. Freedom in the marketplace. Were not terrible people, were just businessmen trying to make a living at what we do.

  1. How are you guys different?

Were a well rounded little circus here.

  1. Inspiration?

What inspires me is nothing, turning into something. Most rewarding part is watching the whole process. 

Written By: Masha Brown

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