Sharing is Caring; The Cannabis Community

They say sharing is caring. Most definitely true, but there are not many cultures or communities that give so altruistically as the cannabis community.

“We should smoke!” A phrase not only to be heard or offered, but even typed nowadays, making it one of the most popular hashtags for marijuana, nearing 2 million posts on Instagram.

While laws and regulations may change, what remains for the people is the innate desire to share and treat our friends, or even acquaintances, to something incredible.

If you have ever smoked that chronic, and found something that you loved, you know you just have to share it. (Shout out to Willie’s Reserve for their tagline, “Share the Stash”!) You want others to taste its uniqueness and celebrate with you! Discuss, deliberate and debate; which flavors hit you first? Many times it’s these “sharers” that are the truest of connoisseurs, not only curating the best weed for themselves, but for their circles; engaging the community in the celebration of excellence.

That is the epicenter of the cannabis community: the desire to come together, support each other, while elevating and celebrating a shared interest, marijuana. With no strings attached.

In our daily lives we often hear, ‘hit me back later,’ or, ‘I got this one, you get the next one.’ While you can match bowl for bowl, the reality is that it’s rarely ever focused on. The marijuana community is inclusive and loves to give; generosity knows no ends.

They say it is through giving that we receive the most.

What I love about the cannabis community is that excitement to “break” someone in: to a new strain, new way to smoke or new way to get high. Being connoisseurs, we love sharing, educating and elevating others in our community, or even outside of it. It is through our open-mindness with pot, that we open our minds to other realities of the world, making cannabis-smokers some of the most comprehensive people I know, in my completely unbiased opinion. 😉

I am thankful for the community we have grown and continue to nourish to blossom!


Written By: Masha Brown

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